Choking during sex is breathtakingly hot

It’s another one of those weird fetishes and perhaps even taboo but there is something so hot about choking during sex. I fucking love choking. I mean it’s not something that’s for everyone and it’s not something you can do all the time. Choking is something I like to do when a man sexually dominates me. When he’s in rage and and giving me rough sex, hard sex, grudge fucking me he grabs my throat and chokes me. You could say it gives me a high, or rush of some sort. There is something so sexy about a man taking his rage to the bedroom. In that moment his hard throbbing cock is fucking me hard, his hand is on my throat and my mind is lost in that moment.

I can’t think about anything else, I’m living in that steamy hot moment. I’ll never forget the first time which scared the hell out of me. I had never had a guy do it, so I had no idea what to think when his hands gripped my throat. He was fucking me real rough, and then he grabbed my throat. At first I panicked and grabbed his wrist trying to move his hands off my throat. He loosened his grip when he noticed I panicked. When I noticed he had full control I decided to give him a little trust. Why not try something new after all? He starts pounding deep inside me thrusting so hard like he’s fucking me in anger. His hand gripping around my neck just slightly but he slowly starts to squeeze more and more.

Grudge fucking is hot

With him squeezing so tight it was hard to breathe. I cannot explain the rush I felt. My mind was nowhere else but there in this moment. I’m laying on the bed while my pussy is getting slammed, and this man is making me cum from erotic asphyxiation. How can something so rough be so erotic? Even though he was rough and was choking me it was completely erotic. He leans in and whispers “You can breath after I cum”. He made things more exciting for me. It was like I was exploring new territory.  I mean sure I had done a few taboo things before but at this moment in life I was pretty vanilla.

My life had steered into a normal boring sex pattern which is why I’m thrilled this man came into my life when he did. Choking during sex made me realize the boring sex I was having just wasn’t what I really wanted. I wanted a man to come in and take me, fuck me hard and choke me. Sometimes when I’m getting fucked I’ll grab the guys hand and place it on my throat. They have no idea what to think but when I choke them then they get it. And sometimes while masturbating I’ll do a little breath play alone. It’s not entirely the same but it works. Are you curious about taboos? Lets explore your fetish phone sex desires. I understand phone sex lines can be scary but I promise it’s completely safe and judgment free.

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