Being the full blown cock-o-holic that I am – I am not too concerned with where the dick comes from.  So when a regular customer was flirting with me at the bar the other night, and I was horny as usual, I said fuck it and went home with him after work.  We got back to his place, and wouldn’t you know it, but he has a chick there.   I immediately start to leave and she comes up to me.  I hate drama, but she was a sexy ginger with beautiful flowing hair, she tells me it’s o.k. with her, if it is o.k. with me.

Well, I do love me some pussy – so of course it is o.k. with me!  She takes my hand into her soft hand and leads me into their bedroom.   He lingers in the doorway while she reaches to kiss me.  Her lips were just as soft as her hands were.  SCORE! I thought in my head.  Why hadn’t I come home with this guy before?  He finally walks all the way into the doorway and closes the bedroom door behind him.  She looks up to him and tells him to get ready.  I hardly pay attention to the words, but I remember hearing them.  She pulls me close and whispers into my ear, “we can do whatever we want, he is just my bitch”.  I turn to look back at him and see him pitching a tent in his boxers, but when I look back at her…All I can say is that I love chicks with dicks!

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