I’ve always loved being active and one of the first things I did to stay fit was tumbling. It came natural to me because I loved the attention I would get when I was wearing my cheerleading outfit. One afternoon while doing a backflip, I sprained my ankle and ended up in the E.R. never knowing that my doctor was in the mood for some anal.

It was right after practice had started that while attempting to do a backflip I landed wrong and hurt my ankle. It swelled up quick and I had no choice but to call my mom and let her know the trainers were taking me to the emergency room to get medical attention. When I arrived it is packed and they took awhile to look at me. When they finally did my doctor seemed a bit too touchy. I mean, I am no genius but I could tell he was touching me more than he was supposed to. He even took my groin temperature which I thought was very odd. I think it excited it him to see a young teenage girl in her cheerleading outfit. After he sent me to get some x-rays him and I were finally alone. He asked me something that just turned me on so much till this day my pussy still gets wet just thinking about. He asked why I wasn’t wearing any panties under my little spanx. I giggled.

I laid on my stomach and pulled up my skirt. I told him he should see for himself if I was I wearing any. He came from behind me and moved my little short spanx to the side. He exposed my pussy and dove right in. He started licking it and soon moved up to my asshole. Before I knew it he was pushing the tip of his cock inside my tight butthole. Nice and slow, taking some jelly that they keep in the emergency room to ease the pain. As I was trying to keep it down I could hear people outside that room.

I always hated hospital until then, now every time I walk into one my pussy gets soaking wet and I need a big cock inside my asshole.

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