Cheered him up with my sexy feet!

Tony is pretty vanilla except for his foot fetish. Seriously he loves anything to do with feet; he loves to smell them, touch them, massage them, lick them, and whatever else he can do to them. Every couple of months he’ll give me a pedicure just so he can have some feet to play with. He doesn’t do a good job of painting nails but he’s a guy and he mainly does it as an excuse to touch my feet so that’s understandable. I just go with it because it’s nice doing this slightly sexual but casual thing with him.

I tend to go for anything sexual that has no strings attached. So I realized I hadn’t heard from him in a while so I texted him and asked if he was okay. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend and was feeling a bit depressed. He’s a nice guy so I felt bad for him and wanted to do something that would make him feel better. I told him to come over and when he arrived I offered him an hour of playtime with my feet. He could do whatever he wanted to them and I wouldn’t stop him. I think he forgot all about his shitty ex-girlfriend right then and there as thoughts of her were replaced by my soft, delicate feet.

     He spent the first half hour rubbing my feet between his hands and smelling them.

I noticed he was hard but didn’t say anything; this hour was his to enjoy and I wasn’t going to make him feel pressure to take things to a level we hadn’t gone before. He stuck my toes in his mouth one by one so he could suck them and I could feel him moan as I wriggled my toe on his tongue. He slid my baby toe out of his mouth and looked down at his lap. So he blushed and asked me if I’d give him a foot job, he’d understand if I said no though. He was so polite and embarrassed, it was cute.

     I reached over and undid his jeans, then pulled them down as he lifted his ass up.

When his dick was bobbing in the air and waiting for me I used my toes to push it against his stomach. I then used my other foot to run my big toe along his shaft, rubbing him and teasing him. He seemed to like that a lot so I put my toes on his shaft and moved them along it. Kneading my toes now and again to change up the pressure. When he was all worked up I leaned back and put my feet around his dick.

He did a gaspy little laugh and put his hands around my feet then gave me a goofy ass smile. He pushed my feet tightly around him and I began to jerk my feet up and down. Then he closed his eyes and I slowly sped up. Pre-cum was dripping down his head and onto my toes. I was pumping his dick hard and fast when he groaned and started to cum.

     Tony looked at his cum splattered across my feet, said he was sorry then grabbed a tissue and started dabbing at it. I stopped him and said that his tongue might do a better job. My feet were spotless ten minutes later.

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