My cheerleading coach was my bi Mistress as well.

A Bi Mistress was never something I thought I would have. Hell, I didn’t think I’d ever have a Master or anything BDSM-related, either. When I turned 18, just after graduation, my cheerleading coach held a party at her house. We all had a great party and last big blow out before we went our separate ways. I was planning on attending the local school and staying in my hometown, but a lot of the girls were going out of state.

Since I only lived a few doors down from Ms. Simone, I volunteered to stay back and clean up. We stood on the porch and waved the others off. Walking back inside, we looked around and laughed. It was such a mess, but what did you expect from a group of crazed girls having some innocent fun? We went to work laughing and working side by side. After it all, we were tired and feeling accomplished, and we sat on the couch together. She bent and lifted my feet onto her lap gently. Soon, she’d pulled my shoes off and let them fall to the floor. Her fingers were kneading my arches and caressing my feet, relaxing me. It felt heavenly.

At first, I was stiff and unsure.

Her fingers worked their magic. I slipped further into her spell. I was putty in her hands. She bent her head and sucked my big toe deep into her mouth. Shocked, I sat up. She smiled and whispered, “please let me.” I understood what she wanted but I was confused about her approach. I extended my foot and she began worshiping it again. She led me into her bedroom and slowly undressed me. Before long, she even helped me into the bathtub and then climbed in behind me. The woman bathed every inch of my body. I turned as she handed me the sponge. I took it and did as she had to me.

We dried each other slowly and I followed her to the bedroom once more. She turned and lifted my chin to look me in the eye. “You are mine now. My submissive. Kali, you belong to me and so I belong to you. In this bedroom, you will always address me as Mistress. Anything that takes place in the house, will never be spoken of. Do you understand?” I nodded. She made mentions of bringing in her boyfriend to fuck me. At which point I realized she wasn’t full-on Lesbian. She was going to be my Bi Mistress.

I was scared but completely intrigued.

“Never go to my bed until I have invited you. If you enter before me, you must wait at the door. You must always be clean and naked unless I have left something special for you to wear, lying beside the tub. The most important rule is you must never come to me unless I tell you to. Do you understand?” Again, I nodded. She looked deep into my eyes. “Yes, Mistress,” I whispered. I had no idea this would turn into the dozens of lesbian sex stories that we’ve gotten to explore together in recent years.

Taking me to the bed, she put my hands in scarves that were tied to the bedposts. She then tied my ankles as well. I lay spread out in the middle of the bed. “Do you trust me, Kali? That is very important. If I do anything you don’t want, or it is too painful, just use the safe word. Red.” I was nervous just thinking about what lines she might almost cross. “Yes, Mistress,” I whispered. My heart was racing. She lifted a peacock feather and stroked my body slowly for the longest time.

I started thrusting my body, yearning for a harder touch.

She went to the makeup table and came back after a while. In her hand was a blusher brush. She slowly stroked my clit with it. That feather-like touch of the bristles and the slight pressure was driving me mad. Her mouth found my tits and she suckled my breasts, then she took this long, thin strap and slashed it hard against my breasts. My nipples harden from the pain.

My pussy had clenched and became so wet. Finally, she released my feet, lifted my legs, and began eating my pussy with the hot fervor of a starving person. I was cumming in her mouth within moments.

That was how she claimed complete ownership of me. Soon, she became my Bi Mistress, sometimes sharing me with other girls, sometimes even with other guys. She’s the entire reason I joined all the sexy phone sex girls here. Can you imagine how much we get to play with each other?

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