Brandi Finds Her Husband Cheating Part 2

Brandi Finds Her Husband Cheating Part 2 continued.. They were scrambling to get their clothes on.  I yelled for them to stop and told them that looked like a hell of a lot of fun and the next time they decided to do that I better be invited too.  Better yet let’s start this now!

I walked over to them grabbed her face and began kissing her.  She didn’t have time to put any clothes on.  I was glad because I was dying to find out just how soft her breasts were.  She began moaning just as he walked up behind me and rubbed his hard dick on my ass.  I pushed her on the bed and kissed my way down.  I sucked on each nipple giving them a little nibble before moving on.  I bent over more as I went further down and gave him easier access to my now soaking wet pussy from behind.

He slid his big cock inside of me just as I reached her clit.

I moaned as I tasted her and he began fucking me harder.  His cum was still dripping out of her and I happily licked it up.  The mixture of them together was almost more than I could bear.  I fucked her with my tongue, making her moan.  I inserted one finger and then made my way to her clit where I lavished it.  Inserting a second finger I began pumping harder.  He was meeting my thrusts with his.  Before I knew it we were all three exploding at the same time.  Her fresh cum was the best think I have had in my mouth in a long time.  I wasn’t finished.  I laid on the bed and made them both eat my cream pie until I came again and again.  We will be doing this more if I know my cheating husband.

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