Cheating Wife Regrets Dismissing Hopeless Romantic Husband

I’m a cheating wife that regrets dismissing my hopelessly romantic husband.  No matter what I do, I feel bad about it.  The remorse doesn’t keep me from doing more harm.  The pull of sexual energies weighs on me all too heavy.

Never has he done anything with ill intent.  Jared has always tended to my every whim.  We are wedded and still dating.  The spice will never simmer down, nor phase-out. Flowers are often sent to my job.  The most beautiful orchids, sunflowers, daisies, buttercups, dahlias, tulips, and roses are lain at the foot of my bed just to say, I love you.

My Lovely Home!

Oh, how I love my home!  Every vent, section of crown molding, each board of shiplap… are handpicked in collaboration with my love.  I have cheating wife regrets, for if I leave him, I could not happily remain in this temple of love.  This is truly a love nest created thread by thread in love.

Our marital bed goes untouched by another; yet every other surface has been sprinkled in lust by my toys and me.  My playthings are so yummy, but they are nothing more than catnip to me.  No expectations, no attachments, fill my vaginal lips and walls with the taste of victory, then leave me be.

Why Didn’t I Just Leave? 

Jared receives the return on his investment in me.  Whether I work or not, our home and I are taken care of.  My husband is showered in love and all of his needs are met.  We are happy with one another.  If it weren’t for the fact that I constantly spread my legs for every guy that stirs arousal I’d be able to say that I have maintained the utmost respect for Jared.

It is such a dubious interaction.  This dance I play is so ere for me when I think of my dear sweet Jared.  Constantly comparing every guy to him.  No man will ever live up to Jared and his surprise vacations, couples massages, sentimental gifts, lovely singing voice as he serenades me… We are living the life of Blake Shelton’s “Name the Dogs.” A simple life.  We communicate cordially, and efficiently, yet I still have cheating wife regrets for stepping out in the first place.

I’m No Gomer!

Nor is he my Hosea.  Our marriage does not set the standard for the church.  Gomer turned Hosea into the perfect cuck!  My intentions were to always love Jared with devout devotion and loyalty.  Monogamy is a concept that I admire; yet have not conformed to.  I’ve tried to assimilate!  I’ve done my best to not embarrass my Hosea as Gomer did.  I cannot leave him for another man, nor bare another man’s child.

Just give me good sex.  Loads and loads of cum.  Feed me cum all day, all night.  Pump my cervical canal with gobs of your cream and prized joy juice.  Let it stream out and run down my legs.  Lick it all up and snowball me.  Then place your male principle back in me, but this time in my rectum that has now been lubed with the ethereal sauce of the divine.

Bend Me Over!





I have cheating wife regrets, not because the sex wasn’t good.  Not because I don’t love my husband.  Not because we were unhappy.  I regret it because I broke his heart and made him chase what he already had.  My cheating wife regrets stem from broken promises.  I broke our vow of monogamy.  His patience, trust, and forgiveness have been pushed beyond their limits.  There is no better lover than he.  So, now I’m in Pussy Witness Protection because I found out he was a cucked werewolf on the day he died.  If you ever want to unpack all of your tied up and twisted emotions, come chat with me at the Phone Sex Kingdom in a telephonic relief session, and get your sex therapy.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke