I opened my mouth wide and let his long throbbing dick slide right down my throat. He held my head as he pounded and thrust his rock hard cock deep down throat. He moaned as he fucked my mouth. With hubby out of town I have found a way to keep myself satisfied. Oh I have so much in store for my young hot lover. He is now a part of the story of the CHEATING WIFE Part 3.

His cock tasted so good in my mouth and he pushed it so deep and hard down my throat that I started to gag. I coughed up enough spit to get that dick so damn wet. Hearing him moan with pleasure turned me on even more. My pussy was wet and I had to have that hard wet cock between my legs and rubbing up against my clit. I stood up and spread my legs and let that stiff dick slide back and forth on my clit. He squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples as he slid his wet tongue down my mouth and gave me a slippery french kiss.

He picked me up with his strong arms and straddled my thighs around his waist. While still french kissing me, he carried me to the sofa and laid me down. He took control. I was so fucking turned on by this hot, smoking, young, blonde Adonis. He spread my legs wide and finger fucked my pussy and sucked my tits. He got off watching me squirm and feeling my pussy squirt.

He slid his long tongue inside my pussy and licked and sucked up my juices as he slid two fingers up my ass. “Take it, baby….it’s yours”, I moaned. And he took it. I lifted my hips upward with his strong hands and angled his big cock at the tip of my clit. He circled his cock slowly at the base of my pussy lips and smiled as I squealed with pleasure. Then he thrust his big fucking cock deep into my pussy and rammed it hard…..back and forth….in and out…..slipping…..sliding….and FUCKING me hard core. “Take it, baby….fuck this pussy……fuck me hard” I screamed. And he did. He turned my body around and propelled me to my knees and spread my legs wide. He slapped my firm ass as he drove his cock deep in my pussy “doggie style”.

I backed it up and rammed my pussy on his cock as he fingered fucked my ass with three fingers. Then he slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy and circled the rim of my ass. He made me wait for it. He made me beg for it. He whispered in my ear, “Do you want me to slide my cock in your ass, bitch?” “Yes…..punish my ass.” And he did. He rammed it hard and fast and I took it all and backed my ass up on that cock. He came deep in my ass and I could feel his hot creamy cum oozing from my butt hole.

He fucked me so good that I was dizzy.  We laid there in each others sweat and cum and kissed patiently. Then his cock got hard again. “Are you ready for round two, Genie?” I said, “Hell yea….I want some more.” As I spread my legs to receive his throbbing cock I heard the keys to front door jingling and the sound of someone entering and disarming the alarm system and a voice so familar. “Genie, I’m home.” Damnit. My hubby is back and here I am on my back with a hot cock between my legs.

Written by Genie