Cheating Wife, Merry Fucking Christmas Honey, This Is What You Want!

My husband is always accusing me of cheating on him. He is constantly smelling my clothes when I return home. He even smells my pussy before having sex with me.

In addition to all these things,  he has just been obsessed with me being with another man for as long as I can remember. I have always thought he was just the most jealous man I had ever known.

It was actually driving me so mad. I was at the point that I was going to ask for a divorce. Until one day I noticed something that struck me as very odd. This is how it happened.

My husband and I went out to dinner. The waiter was a handsome younger man. As usual, my husband started making comments like, I bet you think he is handsome or are you thinking about his tight young body?  I rolled my eyes after years of this I just changed the subject and did not engage him. However, I was completely livid with his jealousy.

He was such a jealous man!

As we were walking to our car we passed by a dance club. I swerved to enter without saying anything to hubby. He followed of course. I was going to do exactly what he always accused me of. Flirt with strangers.

I told him to get us drinks and I adjusted my clothes to be more slutty. Soon I was out on the dance floor and gyrating to the music. The music had an intoxicating feel. He came back with drinks. I thought he would be upset but instead, he was smiling.

I downed the drink and kept dancing telling him I wanted another. Liquid courage so to speak. He left and I began dancing again. This time a man came up behind me and started dancing with me. Inappropriately of course. At first, my instinct was to pull away. I didn’t I continued grinding my ass into his groin.

He was checking him out!

My husband returned and I just knew he would be angry and pull me from the club. I was prepared to throw it in his face that is what it looked like to flirt. He did not do that though. He instead started dancing with the two of us. I could see he was checking the guy out and appeared very excited about my actions.

Feeling confused I left to go to the bathroom and when I returned he was chatting up the man. He seemed perfectly at ease. Well aren’t you two cozy without me I said. I sat down between the two of them and listened to their chit-chat. When the man put a hand on my leg and started feeling me up. I looked to my husband to say something but instead, he just placed an arm around me and his hand on the man’s shoulder.

I knew right then what he wanted. My husband was bi-sexual and wanted me to invite another man into our bed. I sat there taking in this new information. At first, I admit I was hurt that he never just came out and told me. Then I started to realize how this could probably save my marriage.

Could he really want to fuck another man?

I tested my theory. I leaned in and kissed the stranger long and deep. Then reached down and rubbed my husband’s crotch. Yes, he was very hard.

I have an idea, why don’t we take this handsome man back home with us I said with a smile directly at my husband. He agreed and we all left the club.

I knew I was going to have some mixed emotions when I saw my husband fucking another man but I would get passed it. Walking into the room I decided I would just bite the bullet so I sat down between the men and kissed one then the other. Then I led them to the bed. From there they took over. My husband encouraged him to eat and fuck me. He spread my legs and the two men ate my pussy feverishly. Then my husband began fucking me while encouraging the other man to fuck my face.

They fucked all my holes!

It went on and on like this. The two men just enjoying my body. Tasting me and fucking me in every known way all night long. My ass, pussy, and mouth were fucked more times than I can count. My husband never actually fucked the other guy he just shared his wife with him.

It all made perfect sense now. All the times I thought he was being jealous he was just shopping for a man to share me with.

Turns out that I am not a cheating wife. I am just a naughty woman who loves to have fetish phone sex. If you love cuckold phone sex you should call me because I will make you beg for more.