Cheating wife gets caught with a hot redhead.

Cheating wife gets caught being naughty. One day George came home early from work and thought he would surprise his wife. When he got home he had a bouquet of flowers in his hand but could not find his wife. Going up the stairs slowly he could hear his wife moaning, sounds of pleasure. His pace quickened as he reached the top of the stairs he paused.

Walking ever so slowly over to the door that was only open a crack. He could see the top half of his wife’s body, her back bowing as she moaned. Just before he barged in to see what the hell his wife was doing he saw the person that was under the covers making her so turned on. So,  A hot redhead with a slender body emerged from under the blankets and from between his wife’s thighs. Because George did not go in and confront his wife instead he stood by the crack in the door watching the two women cheating.

Cheating wife gets caught with a hot redhead.

The redhead kissed his wife deep as they pressed their delicate bodies together. Watching from just outside George pulled out his cock and started stroking it watching his wife go down on the hot redhead. The redhead was moaning her legs spread wide and he had a good view of her pink little pussy. He watched his wife get up and walk across the room and grab something out of the dresser drawer. Strapping a dildo to herself she walks back over to the redhead. She kisses her with her pussy juice still glistening on her mouth.

Getting on the bed with the strap on strapped snug to her bare ass, “Suck this cock you dirty little bitch” he heard his wife say as he watched the redhead deep throat the cock making it slick with her saliva. “Now turn around and bend over” the redhead did as she was told getting on all fours. Pushing her ass up in the air like a good girl. Wrapping the read heads hair around her hand she pulled bringing her head back and making her back arch as his wife slammed the strap-on in that tight wet little cunt. So George just couldn’t believe how hot it was to watch his wife cheating on him.

Cheating wife gets caught with a hot redhead.

Georges cock was so hard the precum coming from his cock oozed down his shaft. He used it like lube stroking his cock long and hard. His wife was pounding the redhead he could hear how wet her pussy is all the way from where he was standing and as the redhead began to orgasm screaming her pleasure, he shot a hot load squirting everywhere with a loud moan. So He opened his eyes to see his wife and the redhead staring straight at him knowing they had been caught cheating.

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