Cheating wife stories, we’ve all heard them, right? However, this isn’t your typical confession!

Cheating wife – Probably not a term you’d ever hear applied to me, but that’s only because I’m not actually married. But then again, would it surprise you to hear that your naughty Angel fantasizes about what would happen if she got caught cheating on her “husband?”

Matter of fact, just the idea of a “husband” forcing me to confess to even ONE of my cheating sex stories makes me soak my panties! After all, one of my fave New Year’s Eve stories inspired the hottest revenge sex I’d ever experienced. If you’ll recall my sordid tale, my boyfriend Jayden left his company New Year’s Eve party early. Then, I wandered down a hotel hallway and… well, be sure to check out the recap by clicking above!

What did I NOT mention about that experience? Well, I’ll confess that lately Jayden and I have been having kinky fantasies about being married. Specifically, we’ve been talking about all the erotic “trouble” we could get into together. Speaking of confessions, time to tell you all about what happened next on New Year’s Eve!

So when we ended last time, I’d fucked and sucked Jayden’s boss after he’d enticed me into his hotel room.

Since I was completely lit and super horny, I’ll admit that I threw caution to the wind. What does that mean, you ask? Unable to resist offering myself to this powerful man, Robert took full advantage of my charms. Ramming his thick cock into each of my holes, I was hoarse from all the screaming orgasms he wrought from my petite body. Indeed, he “enjoyed” every one of my sensitive spots at least twice that night!

After we finally finished, Robert walked me back to the hotel room I shared with Jayden. Drenched with sweat and cum leaking from practically every pore, I tiptoed through the doorway. Heels dangling from my fingertips as I peeked into the darkened entryway, I prayed that Jayden slept.

Would Jayden notice my disheveled state, I wondered?

As I quietly snuck through the dark living room of our hotel suite, I breathed a sigh of relief. Since all was quiet, I decided he must be passed out in bed. But as I stepped into the room, I realized that the lights were on. Not only that, my boyfriend (fantasy husband?) sat at the edge of the bed, an expectant look on his face. Naked, his majestic BBC proudly stood at full attention.

Oh fuck, he knows. I can see it on his face. I’m definitely in trouble now!

Ironically, he didn’t act a bit surprised. A predatory glint in his eyes, he merely pointed to the floor at his feet with a stern expression, an eyebrow raised. When Jayden has THAT look on his face, I know I’d better obey immediately. After all, this *is* a Dominant Alpha male we’re talking about!

Trembling a little, I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. Jayden wasted no time. Burying a fist in my silky blonde hair, he pulled my head back to glare into my face. Ooooooh, OMG.

“Where have you been, my dirty little slut?” Jayden growled ominously.

The expression on his face shocked me into the realization that he definitely knew where I’d been and with whom, even if he didn’t yet know exactly what I’d done. Kneeling at his feet, I could see the hot mixture of anger, amusement, and desire in his eyes. Staring at him mutely, I realized the only way to get out of this situation was to confess everything I’d done. Furthermore, it was clear I’d have to accept whatever punishments he had in store for me!

Shivering, I opened my mouth to speak. What happened next? “Stay tuned” for Part 3 of this cheating wife story, “cumming” soon!

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