Cheating sex stories – Everyone knows that affairs should be secret, but what will happen as my tummy grows bigger?

Cheating sex stories about getting knocked up are super hot! Fairly soon, people are going to learn where you’ve been sticking your dick.  At first, you thought you could keep our fuck sessions on the QT, didn’t you?

But you have to admit, a part of you wants the whole world to know. Although you’re a tenured professor with many years at the university, I’m a sexy college girl who *should* have been way out of your league. However, the heat between us was undeniable from the first day I walked into the graduate psychology course you were teaching.

It wasn’t long before we were fucking at every opportunity.

Indeed, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Across your office desk, in faculty bathroom, down abandoned hallways, no place was off-limits.

Remember our adventure at the campus movie theater last month? That experience inspired one of the hottest college sex stories I’ve ever written. I’m not sure exactly when or where you got me preggers, but I’m pretty sure it happened right here on campus!

Since your wife is the psychology department dean, it’s incredible that she’s still clueless.

However, that won’t last much longer. After all, I’m trading in my flat, toned tummy for a growing baby bump! If you’ve ever read any of my impregnation sex stories, you already know that nothing makes me wetter than the realization that I’m carrying a man’s baby. As my breasts and abdomen swell with the fullness of our child, everyone will be able to see that I’m pregnant. While your wife is a barren old cow, she’s not stupid.

Although she probably suspects we’re constantly banging it out, I’ll bet she hasn’t said a word. Anyway, you know she never gives it up for you. Since she’s always denying you sex, can anyone really blame you for searching out a horny young girl like me? Of course not!

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