Cheating Trophy Wife Confesses: I knew you would probably discover what I did with your boss, but I just couldn’t resist the urge. Adulterous sex is the sweetest, most delicious taboo sex!

Cheating trophy wife stories are so alluring to hear about because they’re so taboo, don’t you think? And admit it, there’s just something so tempting about getting it on the side. When you’ve practically been caught in the act, it’s pretty difficult to deny that you’ve been cheating, amIrite?

After sneaking back into our hotel room, I found you waiting there for me. The look on your face told me you’re well aware that I’d just finished doing the “horizontal bop” on a dick other than yours.

Fuck, how did you figure out I’ve been cheating on you? Oops.

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Anyway, back to my current predicament. As I stared up at you from my kneeling position on the plush hotel room carpet, I knew I was in trouble. Your enigmatic expression made my knees quiver and my panties drench at the same time.

You already knew, didn’t you? Obviously, there was no talking my way out of this one.

Towering over me with your arms crossed, you said nothing as you watched me expectantly, your scowl firmly in place. You did NOT look happy; as a result, my breath came faster as my heart began to pound. Trying without success to conceal my nervousness, I licked my lips pensively as I thought about what to say. Just how much trouble had I gotten myself into this time? In retrospect, I realized you must have already suspected that I’d been a bad girl.

After all, I’d walked in with that telltale, “well-fucked look!”

Blushing, I softly admitted that I may have partied a little too hard after you left the company party. I could see that my lame excuse wasn’t going to fly. As your stern expression darkened, the words began to rush out of me. I wanted to hang my head as the shame washed over me, but my body betrayed me.

My pussy began a slow, intense throbbing as I haltingly began to confess what I’d done with Robert, your boss. Gradually, you made me recount it all in lurid detail.

Finally, I finished my taboo, cheating trophy wife confession. As I awaited your response, I continued to squirm with a mixture of embarrassment and shame. Even more disturbingly, I realized I was intensely aroused. WTF was wrong with me? I should’ve been utterly mortified. I mean, I -was-. However, there was something more.

A strange feeling of rightness settled over me. Perhaps kneeling at your feet was exactly where I belonged? Tilting my chin upward so that my blue eyes had no choice but to meet your dark gaze, you finally growled:

“Since you’re acting like a cock-craving little whore, I will treat you like one, Angel!”

I gasped with shock as you made your demands. As I listened, I gradually realized that you and your boss must have set me up! First, you told me that you now OWN me. Own me? Before I could ponder this, you continued. Next, I must do everything you say. Furthermore, you will divorce me if I fail to please you. Moreover, you expect me to immediately obey any command I’m given, anytime it’s given.

Slowly, I nodded my assent as I nervously bit my lip. Surely this wouldn’t be so bad, would it? First of all, you commanded “Now, strip. I want to see that slutty little body I own.” While grinning almost savagely at me as your eyes glinted menacingly, you slowly removed your belt. Then, you patted your lap, your deceptively casual tone making my heart pound:

“Get over my knee, little fuckslut. It’s time to learn your first lesson!”

Trembling and naked, I carefully draped myself over your muscled thighs. I felt so completely exposed and helpless! At first, you simply rubbed my rounded asscheeks with your big, warm palm. I had just enough time to think “Oh, this won’t be so bad” and then,

💥 CRACK! 💥

Suddenly, your hand came crashing down on my terribly vulnerable bottom. My entire body rocked with the impact. You spanked me so hard that I couldn’t resist struggling a little as tears of pain and humiliation rolled down my face. After all, it hurt SO much. But at the same time, my pussy was on fire. Hopefully, you won’t notice that I’m practically dripping!

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