Cheating Temptress: I Couldn’t Help But Seduce My Ex.

Cheating temptress is the words going through my head. I couldn’t help myself! I have to admit that I miss my ex-boyfriend, Devin, so much. And I seduced him into fucking me… right before I saw my BOYFRIEND.

So, my ex and I have tried to stay friendly after our breakup. But, he started getting distant and weird because of his girlfriend. Well, like a week ago they broke up and he’s been having a tough time. I invite him over for dinner like old times.

He shows up looking the way he always has. A black t-shirt and jeans like always. But, something inside of me goes crazy seeing him. My mouth waters and I have to stop myself from looking right at his package. But, it’s bulging in his tight blue jeans.

I make a quick dinner of his favorite Swedish Meatballs and serve it to him. He smiles and digs in as I start to eat mine. We talk and laugh about old times and my heart starts to race. His smile drives me wild and I want to touch him so badly.

We go to my bedroom to listen to music and talk.

He lies on his old side of my bed and I bite my lip watching him snuggle down into place. He is a magnificent creature, my kind of Adonis, honestly. Beautiful long hair, shiny green eyes, and pouty lips that I can just melt into a puddle if I dare kiss him. I jump on the bed next to him and tell my Alexa to play Lovesong by The Cure, our song.

He smiles at me and says, “Wow. This feels right… I miss hanging out.” I lie down next to him and smile back, “I know. I’ve missed you so much.”

We continue talking for a good two hours just rambling on about life and our dog. And then I remembered that my boyfriend was coming to see me at like 10 pm so we can go out to the bar. It was already 8:45. But, I don’t want to get out of bed.

I grab Devin’s arm and lie it under my head so I can snuggle up to him. He smells like Old Spice Wolfthorn and Persil detergent. I look down and notice that there is a huge bulge in his jeans. He’s hard as a rock and we just touched at that moment.

I start to rub his chest and tummy and he brushes his hand on my face. Then I can’t stop myself… I move up and kiss him right on the lips. He says “Whoa! Bailey!”

“You have a boyfriend… do you really want to cheat on another boyfriend with me?”

I look him dead in the eye and say “I want to feel you inside of me. Fuck me.” He sits up and lies me down gently on the bed and starts kissing me and taking my dress off. Then he sucks my right nipple into his mouth and moans as his eyes roll back.

Oh, man, I missed him but I haven’t any idea that he misses me this much. He pulls off my panties in one quick go and starts to unzip his jeans. I spread my legs wide for him and he looks down at my pussy and says “Pretty pussy… I missed it.”

And he quickly spits on my pussy and shoves his cock deep into me roughly. I moan and grab onto his arms. He starts to thrust into me as hard as he can and makes me cum almost immediately.

Feeling him, smelling him, having him inside of me… it’s all the things I want. He fucks me for about half an hour and then says “Oh fuck.” And cums inside of me.

I playfully slap his arm and tell him “Oh my god. I have to see my boyfriend with your cum dripping out of me!” He kisses me and says “That’s my pussy and will always be my pussy.”

I nod dreamily and say “Yes, my lord.” We get dressed and I say goodbye to him. It’s already getting later and I had to get him out before my boyfriend shows up.

I quickly change my panties and then my boyfriend knocks on my door. We head out and I pretend as if nothing happened. Like I wasn’t a lying cheating temptress that now has a few cheating sex stories with the same guy!

Want to talk to a cheater like me? Call me up for some good ol’ phone sex.