Cheating Sex Stories… I cheated on him!

Cheating sex stories may not be for those who love monogamy. This is a little story about how I couldn’t help myself with a good friend. And my ex-boyfriend still has no idea but that’s okay, he was lame in the sack. Haha!

I had been dating this guy for about a month and was digging because we loved a lot of the same shit. His music taste was exactly like mine. But, boy, did he suck in bed! I didn’t get off one time in the whole month we were together!

I was hanging out with an old friend who I’ve always had a thing for and could feel the tension between us. We were hanging out on his couch, playing video games and I noticed that his pants looked tighter when he looked at me. And all I could think about was sex with my lack of orgasms.

My friend sets down the controller and faces me, staring at me with his big, green eyes. And he kisses me! I got so wet just kissing him, something that happened with my boyfriend but I never got anything good from it. Sex was exactly what I needed and this one time wouldn’t kill me.

Before I knew it, we were on his bed

My friend was sucking on my tits and was finger fucking me until I came all over his fucking hand. And I wanted more from him! I needed it and I unzipped his pants and didn’t let him grab a condom… I wanted him inside of me NOW!

Then my phone rang. My boyfriend was calling and I answered it as I flipped onto my tummy. I said hi and felt my legs being spread apart and a cock up against my dripping pussy. I lifted my hips and my friend slipped his fat dick into my pussy.

He slowly thrust in and out as I chatted with my bf for a few minutes and told him I would see him later as I felt my pussy pulsating. As soon as I hung up, I came and so did my friend and he just came inside of me. Which I didn’t mind at all.

See? Cheating sex stories are fucking HOT.

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