Let’s make some naughty cheating sex stories… You know sex with the wife doesn’t happen or doesn’t cut it.  Give in to temptation.

I’ve been a naughty girl, you know, and I’ve got quite a few cheating sex stories.  Cheating is a funny thing, though. It’s all about what is allowable and what isn’t, obviously.   Even in an open cuckold relationship like mine, having a dirty little secret or two heightens the pleasure. This isn’t so much about my bad behavior.  it’s about yours, you naughty, naughty boy.

When the little wives see me coming, they can already tell they are in trouble. I have been called a home wrecker a time or two, and they are absolutely right. Fuck yes. I’m not here to be the nice woman who lives down the street and brings a casserole to welcome you to the neighborhood. Fuck that. Fuck casseroles.  Obviously, I’ve got something else hot and delicious to offer, and it’s a hell of a lot tastier than any fucking casserole.

Firstly, this little home you have built with your nice house and your nice car and your nice family? Fuck all of that! It’s BORING. You need a nasty bitch that will let you do her dirty and bring some excitement to humdrum little life. I am that nasty bitch. I am that excitement. You’re an interesting man, worthy of something so much more exhilarating than robotic missionary sex once a month and maybe a pitiful blowjob on your birthday. You want more don’t you? You want someone to fulfill every kinky dirty desire you have.  Obviously, you need more satisfaction from your life, don’t you think? You are reading this so I know you do…. Then, get the kinky fantasy fulfilling sex you know you crave.

Let’s make some cheating sex stories of our very own! Give me, your phone sex home wrecker, a call today!

The Best Phone Sex!