A slut’s endless cheating sex stories..

Cheating sex stories seem to be an endless pit, in my corner of the world. I mean really, so many of my friends are hopelessly addicted to being wild and free. To drive things further, I’ve played with many a cuckold boy, and a lot of their boyfriends fall into the same category. You know what cucks are? Relationships on easy-mode, or a video game with cheats enabled. They’re ridiculously easy and afford me the freedom I need to flirt with whoever the hell I want! I’ve been spoiled most of my life. The guy I dated for several years didn’t give a damn who I seduced. I always came back to him. It’s hard to follow an act like that, and I didn’t want to stay tied down when I got past him.

No other losers need apply.

I wasn’t going to play ‘good girl’ for some loser who secretly watched cuckold porn when I look the other way. There was no way in hell that I’d play faithful to someone who couldn’t fuck me right, either. I wanted to get fucked hard by big cocks, and anyone who didn’t fit the standard could keep it moving. It’s easy to see how this state of mind drew in all the cucks and gave me exactly what I wanted.. Absolute freedom. I could date someone and feel relatively happy and content with them, but still run off and fuck whoever I wanted! Hell, I even brought back plenty of playmates to share.. After all, nothing’s more fun than getting to seduce two guys at once. Even better to drive one specially crazy as he watches you turn into a cheating little slut.

Tell me, are you a cuckold or a bull?

Come play with me.

Kali Taboo Phone Sex