Cheating sex stories can be fun

Cheating sex stories can be fun. I’ve had several in my own life, since I’m not the best at remaining faithful when in relationships. One of my girlfriends had done this neat thing to give her boyfriend. These boudoir photographs she’d had taken especially for valentine’s Day. And she showed some to me and I just loved Casey has many cheating sex storiesthe idea and the photographer made her look so pretty. So I decided to do it for my boyfriend as well. I bought some new, sexy lingerie and booked the photo session. What I hadn’t planned on was the photographer being some handsome. I knew he liked me as well, since when I came out in my lingerie, he got hard, I could see the rise in his pants.

He let his hands wander as he posed me

I thought this would just be a one time shoot. But it went longer than expected. So he asked if I was free again the next day so we could get more shots. I thought that was a little odd, but I didn’t mind seeing him again one bit. So I was there against he next day, and things got hot under those studio lights. Under the guise of positioning me on this couch. He let his hands wander as he posed me and I didn’t stop him. In fact I encouraged him and soon he was rubbing my pussy with his hand inside of my silky lingerie. And I was cumming on his hand.

The next day the lingerie came off and he was shooting full nudes

We made out on the couch. I had no clue a trip to a portrait studio would turn into one of my more fun cheating sex stories, but it did. He had another appointment. So he asked if I could come back again the next day, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The next day the lingerie came off and he was shooting full nudes. And I had my legs spread open wide and the pics were like something out of Penthouse. They were beautiful and hot and I couldn’t say no to him. After the pics were taken, he came over to the couch and knelt before me and started to French kiss that glistening wet pussy. I was so turned on.

He was great at licking pussy and talented with his fingers

He was great at licking pussy and talented with his fingers, I was writhing under his touch. And enjoying him immensely. He finally fucked me and I loved how his cock felt in my cunt. He was a good lover and I knew the pics were very hot. And my boyfriend was stunned and amazed at them, he said it was so professional looking, and I looked so horny and passionate.

I giggled thinking if only he knew…I Had a wonderful time at the photo session and had some lovely pics. And my boyfriend was very much turned on by me in the pics and we fucked like maniacs all night after he saw them. He loved the one with my legs spread wide. Obviously he had no clue the photographer had eaten that pussy out and teased my stiff clit with his tongue until I came all over his face. He didn’t need to know those details. This has been one of my hotter cheating sex stories to date.

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