Cheating Sex Stories – Feeding On A Mommy – Part 6

Cheating Sex Stories – It had been a few weeks since we had been able to be together and here she came into my salon with all of her gorgeous glory.  Oh my goodness, how I’ve missed her!  She came right in without a second thought.  I could NOT wait to be with her, but I had other plans.  Her husband wouldn’t fuck her?  Well, I have someone who would and will and DID.

I have one male massage therapist at my salon.  SUPER talented with his mouth and his big 9-inch cock. 

So longed for her to have a man inside of her since her husband wouldn’t touch her.  I could only do my best with toys.  I wanted her to feel a real hard, throbbing cock inside of her and for me to be a part of it.

Long story short – we both drank from her full, milky mommy breasts and it was BEAUTIFUL.

So turned on, I didn’t even care if I got off.

I laid with her with her back to me and spread those luscious long legs.  Fondling her breasts and kissing her neck.  I told him to go down on her sweet, lovely pussy.  He licked and sucked and ate her and she came so much.  I lost track.  Milk squirting out of her huge mommy breasts.  We both licked it up together.

We fed on her again as she cried out.  I nodded to him that it was time.  He knelt between her legs, lifted them over his shoulders.  And sunk his cock deep inside her.  It was such a beautiful sight watching her be filled up by a real man’s cock for the first time since she was 6 months pregnant.  Her own husband wouldn’t do it.

She needed it.  

Ignore this sexy woman?  Why in the world would you?

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