Cheating sex stories really get me hot.

Especially, when I’m doing it out of revenge. My neighbor Becky has always been quite the bitch. She is always complaining to the homeowners association. Just a plain fucking bitch. Well, recently I’ve noticed she had a new guy stopping by her place to spend some time. He was FINE.  He’s been waving and saying hello and that seemed to drive Becky absolutely crazy. It was kind of funny knowing she was such an insecure cunt. So, I would go out of my way to make sure that he saw me every day looking sexy.

This Saturday when I walked out to pick up the newspaper, I noticed she was getting in her car looking like she was heading to work. I yelled across the street at her, “Got to work today Becky?” Looking totally annoyed she hissed,  Yes” and got in her car. I could see her mouthing the words “Bitch” before flashing me a fake smile. I smiled back, just as fake and waved bye. Rolling her eyes as she drove past me and down the street. I was at least kind enough to wait until I saw her brake lights disappear from our street before I walked across to her house to knock on the door.

There doubt cheating sex was going to be happening!

I knocked on the door and at first, there was no answer, so I knocked again harder. He was scrambling for the door. When he opened the door he was just wearing a towel and that sexy smile of his. He said, “Well, this is a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you?”  I ran my middle finger down his belly and I said, “How about, what can we do for each other?” I pushed past him and entered his and Becky home.  Cheating sex was definitely on the menu.  

I walked in the house as if I owned it, and sat on the arm of their sofa. He slowly strolled over and stood directly in front of me and smiled. I gave him back a naughty grin and pulled him closer.  We began to kiss slowly and passionately while I undid his towel.   Just as his towel dropped to the floor his phone started to ring.   He grabbed it from the table and answered it.   Wouldn’t you know it, it was his cock blocking girlfriend.  Putting his finger over his mouth he begged for me to be quiet, and I did.

I am not that fucked up. So I quietly got on my knees, slid his cock in my mouth while he was on the phone with Becky. He could barely talk, his legs started shaking and you could hear the quiver in his voice.   After quickly getting her off the phone, he picked me up and sat me on the arm of the sofa and knelt down to eat all this good ebony pussy.  He was so good with his head game  I came within minutes.

 Now it’s time to test that naughty neighbor dick out!

My pussy is so wet at this point you could have filled a pool, I can’t wait til he stuffs me with that thick dick.  Hopping off the sofa and turned around so he could hit that pussy from the back.   I loved filling that thick dick sliding in and out.  Those full balls beating my sensitive clit until we both came.  I kissed my naughty neighbor and got dressed to leave.  As I was walking out of the house, Becky was pulling up.   I just waved and continued to my house, with her boyfriend’s cum still dripping from my pussy.

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Cheating sex stories