Cheating sex stories can be so naughty.

But I can’t keep all my cheating sex stories to myself now can I? You have just moved into the neighborhood. We live right across the street from each other. The first day that you moved in, I bring over a welcome to the neighborhood cake with my husband.

You are shocked by the way I am dressed, especially with my husband next to me. I’m wearing a short black dress that is very tight, and black thigh highs with kitten heels. My lips were painted a nice dark shade of red. All of the fetish porn in the world, couldn’t prepare you for the real thing of a hot wife standing in your doorway!

You swear that you see me wink at you, once my husband turns around to leave.

The weekend rolls around and you notice my husband’s car isn’t in our driveway. He is always gone on the weekends for business trips. And when the husband works late, the wife comes to play. The next morning, you hear a knock on your door. When you answer it, you see me in my silky pink robe.

I don’t even say anything to you before I let myself in and lock the door. I turn back towards you and start making out with you. Then, I drop my robe and reveal that this slutty housewife has nothing on. You feel shocked, but of course, you don’t say anything. I pull you against the wall. Then I get down on my knees and pull down your sweatpants to reveal your rock hard cock. I start sucking on it until I taste the pre-cum. As soon as I taste it, my pussy gets soaking wet, and I bend over. You don’t miss a beat and start ramming me from behind against the wall until you fill me up with cum.

Then as quickly as I came over, I put my robe back on, and leave your house. Now you know what you will be doing on the weekends.

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