Dana tells hot  cheating sex storiesI’ve Got Some Cheating Sex Stories In My Past

I’ve got some cheating sex stories in my past, but I thought those days were behind me. But recently I started seeing this married man that works out at the same gym that I go to. I found him attractive the first time I spotted him. And I loved to watch him move as he worked out as I walked on the treadmill. I’d just stare at him the entire time I was on it. Well obviously he spotted me staring at him one time too many since he walked past me and asked if I liked the view! I blushed a bit, but replied yes, I did, very much. We went out for a coffee after our workout. It wasn’t long until after our workouts we were stopping at a nearby motel to have a different kind of work out.

We were both ready to cheat On Our Partners

My boyfriend had no clue that I was seeing or fucking someone else. As is often the case in cheating sex stories that partners have no clue about. This guy wasn’t getting anything from his wife, common story that is, and working out always made him horny. As it does many guys, the testosterone is literally pumping through their veins and getting them hard after working out hard. We’d go to the motel and shower and then fuck our brains out for a couple of hours.Then we’d shower again, then each go home to our partners. I loved to suck on his cock, it was big and could stay hard as long as I needed it to.

This Guy Was Fantastic In Bed

I loved having sex with someone that could last. And not always rush to cum before my own two pump chump of a husband would cum. This guy was a real man, so I couldn’t fathom why his wife wasn’t interested, he was fantastic in bed. Oh well, her loss is my gain. He loves to lick pussy, and I’ve never had so much action in years. I love a guy that knows how to please me with his tongue. And it feels great the way he sucks on my clit and works his tongue over it, driving me wild, gripping the sheets in pure ecstasy.

His Dick Was A Lot Bigger Than My Boyfriends

I am so hot for this guy I even let him fuck me up the ass a few times. I don’t even let my boyfriend do that, I just go wild with this one. Cumming over and over, my pussy literally numb from so many orgasms. I love feeling his thick, hard cock inside of me, stretching me out. The other night fucked my boyfriend and he asked me if my pussy was looser for some reason.

I bit my lip to not laugh, thinking ya, because I’ve been fucking a real man with a dick a lot bigger than yours a few times a week.And  I held back from saying it though. And I have no idea how long this will go on, but I will enjoy every single encounter that we have as long as it does. I won’t be telling my boyfriend about one of the hottest cheating sex stories I’ve ever been involved in is currently going on, it’s honestly none of his business!

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