For this one of my cheating sex stories, I met this guy at a bar and he told me this whole sob story about how his wife didn’t fuck him.

This one of my cheating sex stories wouldn’t have happened if his wife sucked his dick every once in a while. I told him that we could get back at her by fucking in their bed. She worked late nights so she wouldn’t be home for a while. After about five shots, we went back to his place. It was a nice place with tons of windows.

We were making out and he lifted me until I was sitting on the edge of the table and he was standing between my legs. He said that it would be better if we fucked on the kitchen table where she ate every day. We started to tear off each other’s clothes and he popped open a bottle of wine. We passed it between each other in between making out.

Then he started knocking everything off of the table.

He leaned me back against the table and guided his hard cock into my opening. Then he started to fuck me like a wild animal. Wow, this guy had really not gotten fucked in forever! I told him that I started to see some lights like someone was pulling up in the driveway. He told me not to pay any attention and assured me that his wife would not be home for another three hours. He kept fucking me and we were both pretty close to cumming. His wife walked straight in and looked right at us as we came. She started screaming at him and I figured that it was time to leave. I walked past her just as she started throwing shit at him. Want some teen phonesex? Read some more of my blogs!

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