Cheating sex stories ~ cuckolding…

The best phone sex is with me because of my sexuality. I know that technically to most of the society it is considered cheating when you have sex with someone outside of a relationship. But are they really cheating sex stories if you are just being true to your sexuality?

I mean if the man that you are married to is a wuss of a guy, that just does not get you there, is it cheating? And if he literally made you fuck the first guy {his boss Rod} doesn’t that mean that he gave up any expectation of “fidelity.” Yes, Rod was a gorgeous younger man that was totally alpha male. But it was my ex Steve’s choice to allow Rod to fuck me. Steve could have found a new job. For that matter, Steve would not have given in and eaten Rod’s cum from my pussy if Steve was any kind of real man.

OK, I admit that when Rod fucked me the first couple times it was forced, but I always came. That is why accomplice phonesex is so fun for me. It brings up yummy memories. God Rod’s cock was SO FAT and a full 6 inches. He stretched me out in every direction with every thrust. Lol, Steve I just barely noticed because his cock was so thin and short. I would just lay there and endure with Steve. With Rod even though it was forced sex (which was kinky from that alone) Sex was always great. That might be why cuckold phonesex gets me so horny.


LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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