Cheating sex stories — your wife is acting suspiciously

Cheating sex stories about girlfriends and wives who stray aren’t always grim tales of absolute betrayal.  Sometimes they end up getting little cocks all hot and bothered, too.  Let’s face it.  If you’re someone who knows they have a sub-par member, wouldn’t you want your wife or girlfriend to be able to get stuffed, filled, and pumped good by the kind of cock she deserves?  A happy pussy is a loving pussy.  She might even let you have a turn afterward.

Let’s say she’s out late…

…and it’s been a while since she last checked in.  The last text you got from her was that she ran into an old friend.  Upon saying his name, your heart suddenly skips a few beats.  You remember him AND the huge bulge in between his legs.  How could you forget it?  Every time you said ‘hi’ to him, it was practically waving at you; taunting you with its girth and length, and make no promises about being a gentleman around your lovely wife or girlfriend.

Enough’s enough — you have to call her!

Enough texts.  she’s clearly not responding to those.  It’s time to call.  You know there’s a chance she won’t pick up but, the miracle of miracles, she does!  It sounds…busy on her end.  Like she’s at a party.  But all you hear are male voices.  So you ask what she’s doing and she coyly explains that there was a little gathering at her old friend’s place.  You ask how many.  She breathlessly admits that she’s lost count.  She coos, as if something big and powerful were making its way inside of her.  You ask her what’s going on and why she’s moaning.  She says they’re playing a party game.  You ask which one.

“Twister.  Mmm  I’m the mat!”

Poor, poor small-dicked hubby.  What’s he to do?  Call me up for some cheap phone sex and let’s discuss hubby’s next move!