There is something about some good cheating sex stories to really get my cunt wet. After all, they are so tantalizing and very taboo. This one of mine involves a guy who I tried to date for a short period of time. Loaded and with a hot car and nice ass house, he himself was not too bad either. Then, there was the matter of his butler. He was chiseled and over six feet tall. Every bit of him screamed sexual fantasies through my mind. However, to top it off his skin was the color of delicious chocolate. I could not wait to be alone with him so I could have my way.

Cheating Sex Stories – The Butler(And His BBC) Made Me Do It!

There was no doubt that he felt the same way as well. The two of us were never short of our hot glances. Finally, when the day came around and he was going to go see a friends car by himself I was quick to jump at the opportunity. I had tall dark and handsome run me a bubble bath. Without hesitation, he did just as I asked, minus the bubbles. As I climbed into the warm water and stripped my silk robe I went to object the lack of sudsy company. He simply held out a finger to my lips and nodded towards the tub.

I need to feel his hard black cock!

Slowly I sank glaring at him with an evil grin. I watched him and began to slowly open my legs. I bit onto my lower lip and began to play with my pussy. He grinned as well pulling out his hard cock and stroking it with his big hands. Whimpers left my lips and I replaced his hand with my own. I played with my cunt as I stroked his big hard cock. The two of us blew together, his showering me in the tub with his big black cock cum. This is just where our adventure began.

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fetish phone sex

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