To me sharing a good round of first time sex stories can be very arousing. After all, ageplay phone sex does not always have to be hardcore. Sometimes it can be that moment when you think about those fun first times while you touch yourself. Take one of my favorite firsts for instance. I was in high school, staying after for some extracurricular. Now, ordinarily, I stayed away from teachers. However, Dr. Henry Johnson was big, muscular and delicious as chocolate. I couldn’t stop staring at his big black cock bulge the showed in his trousers.

First Time Sex Stories – My First Time Taking Big Black Cock

So, as I was saying, I was staying after school one day when I remembered I had left something in his classroom. As I snuck into the dark classroom I heard something coming from the rear classroom closet. Slowly I approached the door in my pumps. Peaking through the crack in the door I instantly realized the sound through open the door. There was my teacher in all of his masculine glory, hunched over stroking his cock while he sniffed my sweater.

Without hesitation I forced the door open, shocking him with his pants around his ankles.

My sweater hung at his side clenched in his fist. His big black cock stared my direction and he panted with a grin. He asked if I had something to say. All I could do was collapse to my knees. I was ready for him to use me as his little white slut. Sucking on every inch of his cock I knew that this was bigger than anything I had ever had. There was no hesitation in taking every inch of my small body. I took it like a fucking champ too. Even in the ass.

Age Play Phone Sex


ageplay phone sex

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