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I fucking hate the holidays! The holiday season always gets me so flustered and stressed out; so I was relieved when my sister Bianca, volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year. My kids were out of town this week, spending time with their dad; so Trista came over for a girl’s night in. Since my lesbian sex experience with Trista around Halloween, she and I have been spending a lot of time together. Trista has a boyfriend, and he’s told her some pretty kinky cheating sex stories that involved the three of us. She and I fucked until the early morning hours on Thanksgiving; completely sated, we both dozed off and I slept through my alarm.

The sound of my phone ringing jolted me awake, it was Bianca. Shit! I had six missed calls from her in the last three minutes. Full of adrenaline, I jumped out of bed and ran into my closet to pick out some clothes. I grabbed a little black dress from my closet and put it on over my red lace bra and red thong. I pulled on my sheer black thigh high pantyhose and slipped on my favorite pair of 4-inch high black closed-toed heels. Speeding through the empty streets, I made it to my sister’s house in record time.

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My face was flush and my heart was racing as I walked into her house; I quickly hung up my coat and made my way into the kitchen. Bianca looked like a hot mess; wearing tattered pajamas, her hair thrown into a ponytail and no makeup. After Bianca had her sixth kid, she really let herself go. Not only had Bianca let herself go. But, she had turned into a hormonal, raging bitch. Hence it is extremely unfortunate because my little sister was a major hottie back in college. That’s where she met her husband, Chad; who is a total fox!

Chad and my ex-husband worked for the same company and were workout partners. As a result, Chad spent a lot of time at our home gym. As a result of watching his muscular body drenched in sweat for hours, I have fantasized about having hot cheating sex with my brother-in-law; many, many times. Chad sat across from me at the dinner table, and I could feel his eyes on me the entire time. I extended my left leg underneath the table; slyly peeking a glimpse at his face, I watched him turn beet red as I ran my foot up his leg and rested my heeled foot on his hard cock. Massaging it gently, I watched him squirm in his chair as his dick grew beneath my foot. I love tease and denial, it makes my pussy so wet to have so much cock control!

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After dinner, Chad and I found ourselves alone in the kitchen washing dishes as Bianca bathed the kids upstairs. All of the guests had gone home for the evening and we were completely alone downstairs. The intense sexual tension between Chad and I was excruciating, I felt my panties getting wetter each time our elbows touched. As Chad reached behind me to put a dish away, I felt his hard dick graze against my ass; I groaned with desire. Suddenly, I felt his firm grip on the back of my neck as he bent me over the sink, raised my dress, pushed my panties to the side and shoved his huge, thick cock into my dripping wet pussy.

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