Daddy’s little girl is the boss in this teen cuckold that will make your cock throb!

I was daddy’s girl from the age of 13, but lately, it seems like he has forgotten who’s in charge. That’s when I had a perfect idea, I’d make daddy experience a teen cuckold. It was surprisingly easy to get daddy to agree, but to be fair all I told him was that my friend wanted to play with us. I decided that that night when daddy got home I would surprise him at the door. I was wearing a pretty pair of pink panties and a matching lace bra. That wicked smile spread across his lips when I told him I wanted to play a game.

He followed me to the bedroom and I climbed on his lap and began kissing him. Deep, slow kisses that dragged down his neck while I started to grind against his cock. His hands were making their way from my hips up my back to my bra, but I stopped him. “No, Daddy. I’m in charge tonight.” He smirked but agreed, intrigued. I stood and slipped out of the room for a moment to return with my new ‘friend.’ Daddy’s jaw dropped as he eyed the man beside me and recognized him as our neighbor. He started to protest but I kindly reminded him of our game.

Am I still a good girl after being so bad?

He grew quiet, his cock raging in his pants. Without a word, I dropped to my knees in front of daddy and pulled out our neighbor’s cock. I started swirling my tongue around his head and I could hear daddy unzipping his pants as I started to give him oral sex. It wasn’t until now that daddy realized his little girl was a teen cuckold. I knew he was enjoying the show as I took each inch of this mans cock, gagging as he thrust deeper into my mouth. It felt so naughty having another man’s cock in my mouth. I could feel that my panties were soaked through. My tight teen pussy needed to be filled, and I knew exactly what to do. I innocently turned to face Daddy on my hands and knees.

My new friend pulled my panties down to show my dripping bald pussy. The tip of my neighbor’s cock pressed against my wet slit and I started to slide back against him, moaning eagerly as I took each inch. I looked my daddy in his eyes as I bounced back harder and harder on another man’s cock. He was stroking his own dick and I could see that he wanted to be the one inside me. It didn’t matter- I was the boss here and I was loving every second. Hands gripped my hips as he pulled me back harder and harder, moaning loudly as he started to empty his balls inside me.  This sent my daddy over the edge and I watched red cheeked as he shot his load on my face.

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