My boyfriend is a cheater!

Hearing your boyfriend confess his cheating sex stories can drive you to do unspeakable things.

After a weekend spent apart, my boyfriend came over to my house. The look on his face was concerning. I could see that he was hiding something from me and I was dying to find out what it was. His kisses seemed shorter and I could feel him edging away from me every time I moved in a little closer. It wasn’t until I placed my hand just a bit too high on his thigh when he finally jumped up and confessed.

“Natalie! I fucked your best friend!”

I felt the rage build up inside of me. So many questions were running through my mind. I was not ready to hear his built up cheating sex stories, I wanted the truth. As I collected myself, I allowed him to tell me what happened. I wanted every last detail of his unloyal act. As I sat back, my boyfriend began to tell me one of the most pitiful and cliche cheating sex stories.

“I was out with the boys on Friday night. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, just a couple beers with the boys. We were sitting at the bar, watching the football game when I saw your best friend Tasha come in. She was with a few other girls and some of my friends wanted to hit on them so I invited her over. When they came to sit with us, I couldn’t help but notice Tasha’s outfit. It was skin tight, and you had told me about her new boob job but this was the first I saw it. She was irresist-”

Even though we are early on in his story, I was growing more and more annoyed knowing that it was more than just a hook-up. He was in awe of her and it had been a while since he had complimented me like that. So then, I smacked him and rose to my feet.

“I change my mind.” I said ”I don’t want to hear all of your details. I just want us to move past this.”

Time to get even…

Then things were awkward and felt off for quite some time. I felt myself growing more distant from my boyfriend and the anger was growing in my stomach. I knew I had to do something to even the score. If my boyfriend can cheat on me, why can’t I do the same?

So the plotting began. I needed him to feel what I feel so that we can move past this together.

It’s now the following weekend. I planned a girls night out and four of my closest girlfriends all came over to get ready with me. Everyone except Tasha of course. There is no way that girl is getting anywhere near me without a catfight. Furthermore,  I told them my naughty plan to seduce another man tonight. They all agreed that it is only fair that I seek a sexy revenge fuck on my boyfriend.

Then, we get to the club and I’m already on the hunt for a hot and horny man! My man has to be tall, dark, and handsome. I want my boyfriend to hear my cheating sex stories and never think of cheating on me ever again. When I found my man of the night, I started to grind my perfect ass up against him. His cock began pressing into my ass and I could feel him growing harder. I took him by the hand and lead him into the bathroom to see what my mystery is packing.

Then, the best cheating sex stories are born…

When we get into the stall, I drop down to my knees and pull out his massive big black cock. The two of us are buzzed and ready to have some hot intoxicated sex!  After giving him a quick blowy in the bathroom, we quickly called a cab so that we could head back to his place and start the first chapter of our cheating sex stories.

As soon as we get to his place, he strips me completely down. I’m lying naked in his bed, ready for him to take me. He crawls up between my thighs and the thought of revenge cheating on my boyfriend had me dripping wet. He licked my sweet, unfaithful pussy, and then shoved his massive black cock inside of me. Orgasm after orgasm, I felt myself creaming all over his dick. He wanted his big finish too but he craves to cream my juicy asshole.

Then, he flipped me around and pounded my tight ass. Pumping himself in and out of me. His hands grabbed hold of my waist and used me to grind himself closer to completion. I begged for his load. I wanted to make my way back to my boyfriend with my ass full of another man’s cum and tell him the better of the two cheating sex stories. Can’t wait to see his face when he finds out that I can cheat on him too.


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