Cheating Sex Stories Proven By An Accidental Cell Phone Call To My Husband while at the gym.

Working out if you don’t already know gets me super hot and turned on. Sweating to sexy music while those endorphins are kicking just puts me in a seriously horny state. Being totally honest when I say almost all my Cheating Sex Stories start this way. Looking around the weight floor I spot more black cock than an NFL locker room. Seeing all that thick huge BBC action through everyone’s gym shorts was driving me crazy. Knowing that I am a married woman just couldn’t hold me back anymore.

Catching my eye was this perfect God of a man. Dripping with sweat his perfectly chiseled body called to me loud and clear. Looking right over at me into my green eyes he caught me checking out the goods and smiled. Getting caught is actually a pretty big thrill for me. Catching a sexy smile from a stranger sends tingles in all the right thrilling places. Craving cock like a freak I signaled him to meet me in a private weight room that trainers use. This was going to lead to something even better than Hot Phone Sex for sure.

Approaching me quickly I dropped to my knees soon after. Needing a huge black cock in my mouth I didn’t want to waste any time. Knowing I was about to butt dial my soon-to-be Cuckold Husband couldn’t have been further from my mind. Fixating on this swollen bulbous head of the most beautiful dick I had ever seen I began to lick. Slobbing all over this incredible dick I almost begged for Anal Phonesex. Dripping wet and ready to bend over on all fours to get what I want. The entire time my husband was listening to his cheating wife suck and fuck BBC!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke