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Ode to the Golden Bands

Cheating sex Stories

You come home late each and every night,
Wedded bliss is now a fright, to beat it all she ain’t so tight

You’d never dream of cheating, she was the only one for you
now your up and seeking a brand new pussy to screw

Something different is what you seek
The smell of strange, a fleshy peek.

She’s always bitchin’, she’s throwing fits
And at one time you just loved those tits

Her Granny Panties make you wretch
with wifey you’re a dog, just playin’ fetch

Go make the money, and Just DO YOUR JOB
once or twice a year if you’re good, she may twist your knob

It wasn’t always like this, till you said I do
That little metal band is now a huge FUCK YOU!

She used to be a blast, and go down on her knees
Consider yourself lucky if she gives you a tiny tease

But now she’s familiar, the new has just gone dead
And your dreamin’ of an angel with locks all fiery red

Let’s start our cheating sex stories, cheat on your wife with me
I’ll be the new sweet fleshy strange, that she won’t ever be

I can do some things to you with my mouth that you won’t “feel”
but the way I’ll fuck your mind will be so intense and real

Nasty dirty cheating phone sex will your new mistress be
Just be careful, and be quiet, about the secret that is “we”

I never have a headache when your dick is hard and thick
I’ll never be too sleepy to make you cum so fucking quick

I don’t like to be quiet, I’m a screamer and I’m LOUD!
and when you Thrust your shaft inside, my clench will make you proud

I don’t have to meet your momma, I’m the kind that she forbids
No need to introduce your whore to your family or your kids

So If you want some dirty, some kinky and some fun
Cheating sex stories with Anna Angel will make you CUM undone!

Hot Phone sex, with a dirty girl- That dirty SLUT is ME!
Don’t think about it, I’ll sweeten the deal
how about phone sex for FREE? **

First time cheating?

Read one of My naughty First-time sex stories

Like my nasty rhyme? GOOD. Cheating phone sex is my favorite. I Love fucking Married men.
Playing with a yummy hard married cock that belongs to someone else? A Hard Fuck-stick that
your Beloved ignores, and takes for granted? Now, That is my favorite kind of COCK.

My Rules are as follows: Eating ain’t cheating, and married men AREN’T off Limits.

Cheating sex stories with Anna is likely to lead to an audio affair you will never forget.
And why would you want too? It’s not like we’re married or anything.
*wink, wink*

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