My First Time Sex Story about turning Anna into a Glory Hole Whore. It’s been a week since my lovely Anna arrived In Jersey. It was a steamy Friday night around midnight when she arrived in her honky tank pick-up truck. Anna is your Typical Backwoods Barbie.  Where I’m your Sexy City Barbie.

When she arrived, her long red locks were windblown and her outfit was extremely trashy. The pale green spaghetti string tank top was wrinkled and her denim mini was tight and crept up her ass.  [Shaking My Head] Her sexy little butt cheeks were peeking from the bottom. Damn, she looked Hot! Normally I would never give a girl like her the time of day. But one look at her ample cleavage and bouncy ass, my goddess intuition kicked into action. This will be a First Time Sex Story about Anna you will never forget.
Yes, Anna is my best friend.  Why wouldn’t I write a First Time Sex Story about her? We are like night and day.  She is submissive. Where I am more on the dominant side.  We are like sexy scissor sister from different mothers.  She was born and raised white trash, with absolutely no class. No, I’m not being mean. WThat’s what I love about her.  She is perfect in every way and will do anything to please you.
In the weeks leading up to her arrival, we talked about visiting a glory hole.  Anna’s  pussy got wet, as she described in detail about the thought of a cock coming through a hole.   Anna’s mouth was watering with anticipation and aching to suck a cock.  I said “Just one cock?” as I let out a laugh. The way she described her yearning to be on her knees sucking a strangers cock. The details were filthy and almost made her cream in her panties.
While we were dressing to go out, Anna and I talked about some of the details.  I told Anna to dress appropriately.  Who was I kidding?  She pushed it to the next level.  Anna’s short black skirt was laced on the sides. Watching closely, as she slipped into her sexy thigh high stockings.   I couldn’t help but notice badly bruised ass. I raised an eyebrow at her.  “Really Anna?”  I said with a smirk.” She giggled and replied,  “You know what I like, Rave.” [Shaking My Head] “Yes I do! Wait til you see what I have in store for you this evening.” I commented back.
I happen to belong to an Exclusive Underground Club here in Jersey.  It’s a private escape for the elite to explore all types of fetishes and fantasies. I figured since Anna requested a glory hole adventure, I couldn’t refuse.  As you know, I’m not a stranger to pushing the limits of all my submissives. Many of my subbies crave the to have their boundaries pushed.
The soft red light filled the room.  Our eyes adjusted. as Anna’s eyes went directly to the hole in the wall. “On your knees Anna,”  I commanded.  I seemed like hours, but it was only minutes before the first cock appeared.  “Proceed,”  I said in a stern voice. I enjoyed watching her eager mouth work so hard for her reward.  In and out sucking it, as she had not eaten in weeks.
She was down on her knees like a horny cum dumpster.  Working and waiting for the creamy load to explode from the 9-inch trophy cock that filled the hole.  This may have been Anna’s first time. but it would not be her last.  I have brought so many mouths and asses to this very hole.  Anything to make a submissive drop to their knees and please their Goddess.  I can still see the cum stains on the wall and floor from when Richard slurped up his first BBC.

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