Cheating Sex Stories: My Boyfriend Caught me Cheating- Part 2

Cheating sex stories: One kiss…became a very long make-out session with our hands roaming all over each other’s bodies.

It was like we were starving and the only thing to satisfy our hunger was this. I’ve read many cheating sex stories but not about anyone just going at it in a car at the grocery store!

This was so bad and wrong which just turned me on even more.

I climbed into the passenger seat, straddled his hips and pulled my dress up.  I needed to give him full access to my dripping wet pussy.

His hands were between us in an instant to undo his pants and free his erection.

I didn’t care about protection at that point, I just needed his fucking cock!

It was dark outside so I wasn’t worried too much about being caught so I went to town on that thick meat.

Bouncing up and down harder and faster I lost track of everything around me.

Until I heard a little knock on the window.

We paused for a second to look up and sure enough, there was my boyfriend looking stunned.

However, I saw something else in his eyes.  Specifically, he was turned on watching me fuck a stranger!

Instead of even acknowledging him I turned back to the sexy stranger and continued working his cock with my dripping cunt.

The one thing better than rereading cheating sex stories is getting caught while making them!

Then, I let the stranger fill my tight pussy up with a naughty cream pie that I’d be bringing home to my boyfriend shortly.

No sense in being worried, he’d do anything for me anyway.

Now he gets to clean up the evidence of what he walked into.

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