Cheating Sex Stories: My Boyfriend Caught me Cheating- Part 1

Cheating Sex Stories:  I’ve always been a little slut so it shouldn’t surprise you to be reading some of my cheating sex stories.

I try to be faithful but it’s just so hard to avoid temptation! Even an innocent trip to the grocery store can turn into some hot fun for me.

That is exactly where this one happened.  While walking down the aisles, minding my own business, a muscled arm reached in front of me to grab something off the shelf.

When his deep voice said “Excuse me darlin’” My panties instantly soaked.  A deep voice like that could get a man anything he wanted!

I turned my head to see what he looked like and our eyes locked.  Damn, he was sexy!

Giving him my sexiest smile, I turned a little allowing him access to anything he wanted.  Sadly, he reached right past me.

As he pulled his item from the shelf his forearm grazed across my perky tits.

They instantly hardened under his touch.

Since I wasn’t wearing a bra the evidence of my arousal was right there for him to see.

Apparently, he was just as affected as me because we both glanced down and as he checked out my tits my eyes found the growing bulge in his pants.

We continued our shopping but as we both checked out at the same time we were walking out the door together as well.

He asked for my number and I told him I had to get a pen from my car.

I opened the door and sat inside not realizing he had moved to sit in the passenger seat.

We sat and talked for a little bit and then it began.

Watch for part II, it will cumming tomorrow!!!


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