My boyfriend and I love each other. We also have a great groove with one another in our everyday life. It is just that cheating sex feels better than regular sex with him.

Maybe it is because we have been together for some time and things are getting stale. I am all about kinky, freaky fun. Of course, he is too. Or, maybe not anymore.

As Badass BBW Domme, he knows I am a strong, sexy bitch. I am all about getting mine and having men bow down to me. I love having men willing to do whatever to please me.

And, cheating sex feels better with them as well.

Of course, let me clarify. It feels better with the men that are entitled to have sex with the fine ass diva. Not all of those who are worshiping me are worthy to fuck me.

Between the calls, I get online during my Phone Sex Chat and the ones that approach me in person, many are losers. They are always welcome to bow down and worship this goddess.

Cheating sex feels better when I am sleeping with quality cocks. Therefore, those loser dicks are not going to get in this tight pussy with their inadequate equipment.

Don’t be sad loser boys, it is still fun to be in my stable.

You are still spending time with me. I still love teasing, denying, and humiliating you. Of course, you are more than welcome to play with yourself in front of me, when I give you permission.

Honestly, I don’t know if the sex feels better when fooling around because it is newer or the risk of it all. Of course, my guy knows I am a naughty whore. He shares me with others all the time.

Whereas, when cheating sex feels better, I am actually fucking around behind his back. I am choosing to secretly fuck these people without his knowledge. There are a thrill and risk with it.

And, it is definitely getting my pussy dripping wet.

Additionally, fucking the person I am cheating with is new, fresh, and fabulous. They do things differently and may even teach me something I have never done before.

Whether it is a man or a woman I am cheating with, it is always new and fun. We seem to fuck more often too. It is like we can’t get enough of each other and crave those climaxes.

Again, is that because cheating sex feels better, or because it is new? Of course, sometimes, it is all about how fucking good that new sex is. I have been with some amazing new lovers.

Ones that are making toes curl during sex, baby, yes, cheating sex that feels better for sure!

Some are men and some are women. Good cock, great pussy, and all of them knowing how to work my parts as well. With me being the cum slut I am, I know how to rock someone’s world.

It is a joy to come across lovers that can do the same for me! Are you good in bed? Or, are you a loser that will bow down to me? Call me and let’s discuss which you are!