I was looking through all my closet to find something extra sexy to wear for my new Mr. My current boyfriend wasn’t giving me the time of day that I needed. I met this guy online and hooked up with him. The sex was great and I was even thinking about leaving my bf for him.

I riffled through the clothing and settled on a tight cocktail dress. I started to undress when my boyfriend walked in. He leaned against the door frame and said “Where are you going? Don’t you think that dress is a bit sexy for a girls night out?”  I stood there in just my panties and shirt. I rolled my eyes heavenward and laughed.

“I need to get out of here for a bit of fun. I’ll be home soon. Not like anything is going on with us these days…what do you care?”  With that kind of snarky reply he was behind me in a split second. His hand came around my throat and hand went down my panties.

“I care because I know you’ve been fuckin’ some other guys cock and not mine. This cunt right here, belongs to me bitch!” He cupped my cunt and squeezed my throat tighter. I felt like I was going to pass out. I was scared that he was going crazy. He pushed me down onto the floor. He kick my legs apart and drove his cock into my slightly wet pussy.

I was wrapped tightly around him and bucking my ass into his thrusts. I was turned on that he took dominance over my pussy. I was willing to be submissive to his will. Something about his aggressive fucking made me forget about my planned date with the other man.

My boyfriend squeezed my throat tighter as he felt my pussy squeeze tighter around him. I was getting closer to my orgasm. Only he pulled his cock out, ruining my orgasm. He jammed his dick into my ass fucked into me while I screamed. “You don’t  deserve a fucking orgasm slut! You don’t get to cum bitch.” With that he filled my ass with cum and pushed me away like I meant nothing to him.

“Now go see your new man wants you! That ass and pussy belong to me. Never forget that” He was bitter, and rightly so. I was sore and sexually frustrated. Find out how I make it up to him next week gentleman!


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