Sex with Cheating Married Men: One My Biggest Guilty Pleasures

Cheating married men – dealing with sin does make you discern the pleasurable from the insipid. For me, pleasure comes in various kinds of sexual experiences, from the weird to the impossible. However, some erotic activities do take their place at the very top of the pecking order. Among them is some steamy sex with cheating married men. You shouldn’t be too surprised, though – you’ve read some of my cheating sex stories before!

You might wonder what makes cheating married men the ideal fucking choice for me. After all, I can enjoy the company of all kinds of men and women, no matter what their relationship status might be. But there’s something just too exciting about cheating married men. If I had to explain it, I’d say they just can’t help themselves. It’s their intense conflict I enjoy the most. Knowing they’re doing something so sinful and yet being unable to help themselves… Fuck, that’s hot!

My fondness for having sex with cheating married men goes back to my very first time. I was growing into my sexuality (oh, those gorgeous college years!), and had mostly been with people my age, or just a bit older. But one night out with a doting married professor led to a suite at the Four Seasons with bottles of Veuve Clicquot. You can imagine what all that led to! And my experience proved to be a lot more than a tad memorable.

The way he squirmed under my control, relinquishing all of his will and pride to just be able to please the woman he was cheating with – it was just too cute in how incredibly naïve it felt. More than anything, he let me have my way with him more than any man ever had before, and I assure you I have met some very submissive men throughout my life.

Cheating married men just take everything a step further.

They are always trying their hardest to make sure you get a time that’s worth the effort. For a long time, I wondered where they get the energy and motivation to go the extra mile. Honestly, the answer’s quite simple: men just go crazy when they’re doing something they know to be wrong.

Doing something morally wrong breaks these men. They know they’re up to no good, and the guilt consumes them. And it’s that guilt that excites me beyond measure. Mmmm. The intense look in their eyes, like they’re knowing they’re doing something so wrong but yet they can’t help it.

So, for me, nothing means guilty pleasure quite like sex with these poor cheating married men. They become my experiment; a canvas on which I can practice and establish my art. And, boy, do I love to exhibit my artistic flourishes on them. I make sure that their cocks work harder than they can imagine. I make them work for me, and I make sure that they get the grind I want for them.

It’s not all about cock. These guilty men have a lot of energy, and they sure know how to put in the effort when it comes to my pleasure, too. They just need to be reined in and given some orders, and my experience constitutes me as the judge and jury for that. I command them tougher than a drill sergeant, and I make sure that they keep pushing on until I am fulfilled by what they have done. It might sound tough on them, but you probably don’t know just how much fun you can get out of these cheating married men.

I sometimes muse if they ever go back to their wives and apply anything I teach them. Or do they even show glimpses of the same energy? I don’t really care if they do or not. As long as these horny guys keep running away from home to take part in some off the charts sin, I’m always going to be ready. It’s as they say: people work the hardest when they know they are morally screwed. And I do love to screw them even more.

And perhaps next time, I’ll have to make sure the Misses walks in on us and see what happens next!

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French Whore Carmen