I am getting wilder and wilder, and I love being the bad girl. Especially when it is cheating husband sex with my hot neighbor next door, Will. Of course, he prefers my pussy over the wifey.

Indeed, what man wouldn’t want this tight, barely legal kitty all the time? Smooth, shaven, and all my sexual skills too?! I am the whole package for any guy.

And, for my naughty neighbor, it is a win-win. Honestly, I would love fucking him and his wife together; however, right now, it is just him and I. And, I love our fun together.

Cheating husband sex keeps this young pussy nice and wet.

He is incredible with his dick, and along with that, Will is great with his mouth as well. His cock is about seven and a half inches long and super huge around. His hip movement is what is so amazing.

That man can do awesome things with his hips and legs that make his cock skills outstanding. In fact, he is one of the best lovers I have had yet. Sure, I am young, but we all know I am a whore.

Of course, Will is not my first cheating husband’s sex. Along with tons of kinky sex in many other ways, I have been fucking a lot of guys in a short time. So, I know a lot about sex.

Maybe that is why Will was drawn to me, hahaha.

All I know is we have a lot of fun in their bed when she is at work. Or shopping with her friends or out drinking with them. Honestly, no matter where she is going, we have fun while she is out of the house.

He likes me to put on her lingerie and leave my mark on her stuff. After wearing it, he loves putting it back in her dresser. This is by far my best cheating husband sex.

Although, no matter whose husband I am fucking, it is always fun. For me, it is the idea of having sex with someone else’s man. Knowing that he prefers my tight young cunt to theirs always makes me smile.

Of course, cheating husband sex comes my way a lot.

Probably because I go out of my way to flirt with the married men I encounter, there is something so sexy about men that are attached to other women. In fact, it gets me super wet and tingly.

Sure, I love sex with all kinds of people. Guys, girls, groups, bukkake, BBC, it is all a blast. Again, there is something so taboo about fucking another woman’s husband.

Cheating husband sex is by far one of my favorite things. Not only that, often they are well trained by wifey. So, they treat me nicely and buy me things too! I fucking love that!

I get their cocks and presents as well, fuck yes!

It is always surprising to hear their wives only fuck them once a week or even less for some of the guys. What is that about? I can’t imagine why they do that?

No wonder these men are coming to me for cheating husband sex. These women are living with this great dick and not making use of it? Stupid women should be fucking their husbands every day.

Of course, if I were in their shoes, I would be. Not only that, I would suck their cocks when they get home from work, then I would ride them until we both cum. Oh well, better for me if they leave them unhappy!

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