Cheating housewife Roxy has a scandalous affair with someone you’d never expect.

Being a cheating housewife can take you on a path sometimes that you would never think possible. In fact, there has only been a few times I’ve been tempted to play ball for the other team if you know what I mean. This past week got a little out of hand, turning this cheating housewife into a mound munching, lip licking, freaky bisexual gal.  But want to know the kinkiest part? My husband caught me …….. but never in a million years did he expect to catch me cheating with his sister. We’d been having a scandalous affair for months but had never gotten caught, but now the pussy is out of the bag.

It all started back at our annual Christmas party.  A little girl talk about our husbands not satisfying us, wine, and the sensual touch of each other hands had us both pushing the envelope and starting a lesbian affair with each other. She’s got a hot body, and the most delicious lips ………. not just the ones on her face, and I love burying my face on her blond angel hair that faintly covers her mound. She loves it when I tongue fuck her and tickle her asshole with my pinky finger.

It drives her so insane she just grinds so hard into my face.

That’s the way we were when my husband happened to come home earlier and catch us in the act. I heard the door unlatch, and shifted my eyes that way, still going after her pussy like a lioness after her prey. The look on his face was priceless, and my appetite to eat her up was so bad I just couldn’t stop myself.  And in perfect timing I felt her grab my hair, her thighs squeezing my face as she squirted her honeydew all over my face. As I wiped my lips smiling I said, ‘well hey honey, welcome home!’, crawled up on the bed next to his sister, sticking my tongue in her mouth, and letting her finger my dripping wet pussy! And then ……. Want to hear more of this dirty sex story, or other fetish sex stories I have? Check out my page by clicking my name below.

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