Many Women Can Tell You A Naughty Cheating Girlfriend Story

Many of we ladies have gotten caught up in our own cheating girlfriend story. We got caught no matter how careful we thought we were. That happened to me recently as well. My boyfriend is always going on a lot of business trips. I hardly get to see him before he’s off to the next meeting or deal. So the fact I cheated on him is kind of understandable given how little I see him. I like sex. A lot. So not having him around to keep me satisfied leads me to look elsewhere. He informed me his newest trip would be nearly three weeks long. Well, I was going to make the most of my time.

A Fuck Buddy Can Come In Handy

The night he left I called an old fuck buddy of mine over and we fucked until dawn. Many times. I sucked his cock and boy, had I missed it. No one has ever gone down on me like he did and I’ve missed that as well. I finally felt the girth of his giant dick slide into me. I wondered why the hell I took so long to call him up. And  I was absolutely exhausted by the time he left before dawn. I lost count of the number of orgasms he gave me with his fingers, mouth and cock. It was heavenly. He’d be called back several times in the three week period for repeat pleasures. This was sex stories are made of!

I Was Shameless

He however was not the only one I indulged in. My boyfriend’s brother stopped by to return something he’d borrowed. He hadn’t known his brother would be out of town. I invited him in. As it was dinner time, I suggested we order some food in and we had a fun evening. Good food, even better conversation, and we ended up in bed together. He looked like his brother, but was even taller and better looking. I’d been attracted to him the other times we met, but never acted on it. We had privacy, nowhere else to be, and a few bottles of wine had relaxed us.

I Couldn’t Believe I Was Able To Deep Throat His Cock

He leaned over to kiss me and I did not stop him. My hand soon found its way to his pants and slipped inside of them. I was stroking his cock and he was hard instantly. We undressed one another and were soon naked and on the king sized bed. He went down on my pussy and was very talented at it.

I returned the favor by sucking on his large dick. He placed his hand on the back of my head and I really deep throated as much as I could. I knew I wanted that cock in my wet pussy. He lay on his back and I straddled him. I felt my cunt lips opening from the seeping wetness and slowly eased myself down on him. His cock felt heavenly in my pussy and I was soon rocking back and forth on top of him. My stiff clit was rubbing against his shaft with every buck back and forth.

I Met My Ex Boyfriend

His hands found my tits and rubbed my nipples. I rode him faster and faster and soon came on his dick. He then shot his load into me and he left a while later. Later in the week I was at the grocery store when I ran into an ex-boyfriend. He asked if we could have a drink and talk, so I told him to follow me back. As we caught up, the memories of how good he’d always been in bed came back to me. It didn’t take long for us to be fucking once more. I had quite the time while the boyfriend was out of town. A cheating girlfriend story would not be complete without getting caught in the end.

All Good Things Come To An End

I had invited my well hung fuck buddy back for another night of lust. We were fucking hard and loud in bed when we got a surprise. My boyfriend had come home a few days early from his trip since he knew I’d be lonely. He burst into the bedroom just as my fuck buddy shot his load in my pussy.

I was still cumming myself as I saw him standing in the doorway. He looked shocked in one way, and not in another. He had to have known all these trips of his drove me to this. My fuck buddy soon left. My boyfriend said he wasn’t that mad, that he knew I was lacking for attention. It wasn’t your typical cheating girlfriend story, I realize. I said if he was going to be away so often, I needed to see others while he was away. So, we will have to see how it goes.

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