Most girls or guys have a cheating girlfriend story to tell

Most girls or guys have a cheating girlfriend story to tell, that’s just how things usually go. The guy I’m seeing is very nice. Thoughtful, romantic, sweet, but he can be a bit predictable. When I got to meet his older brother, it was a shock how different they were. It’s hard to think two such different people could have been raised together by the same parents. His brother was the better looking of the two, but also impulsive, intense and blunt. His stare would just drill holes in you. The first time he stared into my eyes I got butterflies in my stomach. That was not a good sign.

His Brother Wasted No Time Hitting On Me

He had to stay with his brother for several days since his house was being renovated. His brother said it was silly to pay for a hotel locally when he could just stay there. I was at my boyfriends a lot, so when he went out for a few hours, it was just me and his brother there. Needless to say, the brother wasted no time in hitting on me. I should have left right then since he was very insistent and persuasive. I gave in, I shouldn’t have, but I did. His cock was also larger than his brothers, and he was a very intense lover. I’d never felt such sexual excitement as when he touched me. This was the very best erotic sex story that was happening to me.

He called me a nasty, cheating whore and I loved it

He seduced me and I allowed it.  Then He told me to suck his cock, and I did as I was told. I liked being submissive, but never really got to be with my boyfriend. I worship his cock and got wetter than I have been in years. It was literally dripping down my thighs. He called me a nasty, cheating whore and I loved it. My boyfriend could never find out about this terrible betrayal by us both. He didn’t want to know about the cheating girlfriend story unfolding in his very own home in his absence.

I was bent over on all fours and pounded from behind like a slut. I could feel an orgasm welling up inside of me. And  I screamed out when I came with a fury and a passion I had not until now felt. I collapsed after I felt his cock go off within me. Unleashing a torrent of cum in hot splashes inside of me. I was such a cheating slut to have allowed this. He was so damn irresistible, allowing it to happen was easy.

He grinned as he saw me there panting and sweating.  Then He said he bet his brother never made me feel that way. He was right. I knew this secret had to remain between the two of us, so he agreed to keep it quiet. I may only ever have that rainy afternoon memory of him fucking me so wildly. And  I will treasure it fondly. My boyfriend told me how he’d been cheated on before and it really hurt him. I knew I could never allow this cheating girlfriend story to get back to him. Hopefully, it will remain a one time incident.

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