Revenge Sex Can Be Dangerous But Also Very Hot

Most of us have cheating girlfriend stories of our own. Most girls get sick of being lied to by their guys and will have some revenge sex at one point. Such was the case with my own guy last week. I’d prepared a lovely dinner for us. Then got a text from him that he’d been called into some late night meeting.

I was beyond disappointed. I’d cooked for hours and was so ready for him to walk in the door. Only he wasn’t coming for at least another four hours. I was sitting there in new lingerie, a dinner about to be served and on the verge of tears. I decided this was it. I’d had enough. I had several drinks in short order and decided his loss was going to be his roommates gain. Then  I stripped nude and positioned myself on the sofa waiting for his roommate. I didn’t have to wait long.

I Served His Roommate In The Nude

The  key was in the lock and his roommate walked I. He looked shocked and asked if this was a bad time. I smiled and said not at all. He was just in time. He looked confused. I told him my boyfriend was going to be late yet again. Would he like a lovely dinner, as it was ready? He said he’d be very grateful, he was starved. We had the lovely meal together. He looked a bit shocked when I served him and ate in the nude. I didn’t want the evening to end there.

Watch Out For A Woman Scorned!

He got up and sat on the sofa and I sat on his lap, my breasts right at his face level. I could feel him hard beneath me. Cheating girlfriend stories can be quite creative and unique, especially when a woman has been scorned. I stood up and walked to the bedroom, and he followed me. He was soon stripped naked himself and I got on the bed first. I laid myself out there for him and he dove on me like a starving man. He went down on my pussy and ate me like his life was depending on making me cum. He was far better at it than my boyfriend is, that’s for sure, and I told him so. Then he then climbed on top of me and gave me a big, wet kiss so I could taste my own juices on his lips. I like that.This was like any erotic sex story online but it was true!

He Was Better Than My Boyfriend

He slid his cock into me and I wrapped my legs around him. And he had a nice cock, and I liked how he fucked, again, he was better than my boyfriend at that as well. I think I’d chosen the wrong roommate here. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him deeper into me and he was really pumping. My pussy was tingling and he made me explode with a fantastic orgasm. As soon as I came, he did as well, filling me with his seed. We lay there breathing hard, thinking of what we’d done in the heat of the moment. I can honestly say I had no regrets at all. I think we will be doing this again, and soon. Cheating girlfriend stories can often be quite hot! I love to play the cheating wife /cheating girlfriend phone sex role playing.

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