When it comes to phone sex, it is important to be up-to-date with many different areas of porn, fetishes, and sexuality. One thing that I have come across in my research is cheating girlfriend captions. They are fucking hilarious and I love them!

Not only do the cheating girlfriend captions expose that your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you, but the captions also make it cutthroat. For example, your girlfriend is fucking your co-worker after he got the promotion instead of you. Ouch…that hurts, doesn’t it? Too fucking bad baby, his dick is bigger.

Have you checked out cheating girlfriend captions?

Be aware if you are a victim of cheating, cheating girlfriend captions will sting a little. But, you could always grow some fucking balls and enjoy the irony of them. I promise you will find them entertaining and laugh your ass off once you get over being such a pussy. Seriously, get over the slut and move on to enjoying life and all the fun that it throws at you. Are you up for some gentle fun? Sensual domination is one of my fetishes!

Maybe you are one of my favorite types of guys, the one who enjoys watching his wife/girlfriend with other men? You, sir, will love these cheating girlfriend captions. They range from tame to pure raunchy and are guaranteed to make your dick rise up. I know you, and how hard you get thinking about a big cock buried in your girl’s holes. You’re a naughty one…I like you. 😉

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I am your kind of girl. Getting fucked while my guy is there is so sexy. This pussy of mine loves taking big dicks of every kind and all at once, while my boy toy is in his chair being a good bitch. If he is really good, I may even let him out of that cage that I have locked on my cock and balls.

Most of the time I leave the cage on. His hands are constantly wandering to his tiny package and he knows he isn’t allowed to touch unless he’s been given permission. That is my cock and I will decide when or if he is allowed to cum. For him, that is not very often. For me, that is all the damn time baby!

I love using my own photos to make the cheating captions!

What a wonderful gift for my guy, right?! Tons of photos of me with big dicks, big black cocks and thick dicks that all know how to please me. I love taking those pics and adding funny yet true comments about how well the other guys please me. I love wrapping them up in pretty gift packaging and giving them to my boy toy.

He is deserving of the very best and that is me in the cheating girlfriend captions. Of course, I am fucking gorgeous, so my photos are fabulous. Looking at the cheating girlfriend caption pictures online, I get so wet. Seeing all of these gorgeous chicks fucking everyone but their guy is so damn sexy!

If you aren’t checking out these cheating girlfriend captions, start!

Cheating girlfriend captions are sexy, naughty, and sometimes super nasty. I love searching for them and spending time checking them out. Knowing that someone is seeing their girl getting a hard fucking from their enemy or their best friend. Damn, that is so hot. My pussy is all wet just thinking about your face when you see her with him.

Is it making you sad to discover she is cheating with your boss? Secretly, your dick is getting harder and harder as you are watching it over and over again. Baby, I am right there with you. I get creamier and creamier every re-watch as I watch her face in pure ecstasy as that big dick is pounding away.

Look, maybe it is hard on you watching them.

I understand where you are coming from, I do. Now I don’t sympathize with you at all. Because you are a fucking pussy and are going to have to grow a stronger set of balls to be my kind of guy. There is always the option of owning who you really are, a fucking sissy. If that is the case, then we can definitely work on that together. I love fetish phone sex and the fun we have on calls.

Okay, honestly, I love most guys. If you own up to being a sissy, we can definitely play together. I can guide you in the transition. Showing you how much fun pantyhose and satin panties can really be. The feeling of the material on your skin is intoxicating. Above all, you getting rock hard with them on is sexy!


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