I Have A Cum Eating Fetish

A lot of you may not know but I am an addict to cum eating. I crave it so much, I don’t care how I have to have it, or who I have to get it from. If you know what I mean. Every cock is for grabs when my cravings start, even my best friend’s boyfriend. I know you might be thinking that I am a horrible friend. But this cum addiction I have sometimes is stronger than friendship. How did it happen? Well, it all started a few weeks ago at my best friend’s birthday party.

It was a wild party, we drank, danced and in the end, my bestie was exhausted.

When the part ended the only people who were still awake were her boyfriend and I. Of course, I took my change then. I made my first move and sat on his lap while my bestie was passed out on the other couch. Really, I didn’t want sex. I just wanted to blow him and swallow his load, and I wanted it really fucking bad. I did just that, I got right on my knees and even when he tried to resist before we both knew it his balls were tapping my chin.

Obviously, I kind of wanted my bestie to wake up, but that’s a whole different one of my fetishes, I gave him the best blow job ever. How do I know I did? Well, because he blew his load down my throat so fast, he was a bit embarrassed. I didn’t care, I had gotten the cum I craved for the night. After that, he has been giving me his cum on the regular.

Don’t worry though, I am always craving cum. The more the better!

Feed my cum addiction and let’s have some fetish phone sex

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