I Had Just Met My Boyfriend’s Brother

I had never met my boyfriends brother before But he was staying with my boyfriend for a few days since he had to train for some work related course. It was a week long and it was too far to drive back each day both ways. So my boyfriend offered to let him stay the week while he did the course. I was invited over for dinner to meet him and get to know him .The first night he was staying over.
We had a nice dinner and were talking afterwards when my boyfriend got a call from a friend of his that was a couple of hours away that his car had died and could he come pick him up?
I said to go ahead, help your friend, I would be leaving soon any way. So he left and I was about to leave as well when his brother asked me to stay and continue to talk. He was very good looking and personable. And I was enjoying talking to him, we got along very well.
Dana cheating girlfriend
We had some wine and things got a bit more intimate than I planned. Obviously I never went over to dinner with the intention of cheating on my boyfriend But that’s what ended up happening. He leaned over and kissed me and I couldn’t resist, I kissed him back. We knew we’d have at least three hours of uninterrupted time together.

I Knew I Needed His Cock In My Pussy

He was a fantastic kisser and I could feel my pussy get wet as he slid his tongue in my mouth. And he started to caress my breasts. His hand soon found its way to my thigh and up under my skirt.He was toying with my pussy over my panties and then under. As his skin touched mine and he delved his fingers into my wetness and found my stiffened clit. I spread my legs wider to give him access. And he teased my clit until it was as hard as a pebble.
I stood up and knelt before him, cheating slut though I was about to be And I reached up and unbuckled his pants. And got his large cock out, which was even bigger than my boyfriends. And I licked the head of it as I looked into his eyes. I then slid it into my mouth and drooled all over it. Taking its length down my throat, and I knew I had to have it in my pussy.

I Couldn’t Believe I Was Cheating On My Boyfriend

We positioned ourselves there on the sofa, me straddling him, and guiding his dick into my pussy. And it slid in I was so wet and I rode him hard and ground my clit against his cock. And he toyed with my breasts as they bounced freely and wantonly. I couldn’t believe I was cheating on my boyfriend with his own brother only a couple of hours after I met him. I felt like such a slut, but I wanted to fuck him. Slutty or not and he came in my pussy as soon as I came. My contractions triggered him and I was filled with his seed. I left soon after. Hoping my boyfriend wouldn’t find out what a cheating whore I really was. But it was fantastic sex, that’s for certain.
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