Cheaters cum in all shapes and sizes.  Don’t be fooled…Even an “UN”attractive man, will turn into a cheater, if he’s not watched like a HAWK!  So, why did I ever think my man was safe to leave around my baby sister?  No clue.  CLEARLY a lapse in judgement…or was it?  Haha.  What he didn’t know was this was no accident…not at all..Baby sis and I have been talking about my sexy man and his HUGE cock for a while now.  I guess you could say that teapot finally boiled over, huh?  I didn’t WANT him to take the bait…I didn’t want a cheater. Or did I?

Our nefarious plan was cumming together beautifully.  I was to be at work very late that particular Friday night and my man was going to get the aid of my little sister.  She offered to jump in and bring dinner over to him to help me out.  What she’d end up helping, was him out of was his suit!  We’d planned this meticulously and I told her all of my darling’s weaknesses.  Why was I doing this?  Because Big Daddy was LOADED and I couldn’t risk him finding out about MY OWN indiscretions!  We had to gain the upper hand as my blackmailer was close on my tail.  Hey! A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!

It started innocently enough, me fucking another local power broker. I should have known that giving him the pussy would drive him crazy.  It always does.  But, how was I to know that this son-of-a-bitch would becum pathological in his pursuit?  Men ALWAYS go crazy after I toss them a little nana.  But this guy was overboard; threatening to out my fuck schedule to my old man! Well.  He’d never fucked a bitch like me before and he holds court over his foes… Guess he STUPIDLY thought he could “handle” the likes of ME the same way.  Fool!  Just sad my hubby had to pay that bill ahead of schedule.  He’d NEVER leave me after I caught him fucking my baby sister…no matter WHAT he found out about his precious little darling.

So, I set my kid sister on him and in ways even the most ruthless would never.  She’s only 17 and that alone could cause major issues with him in the business world!  He fucked and sucked her and like an idiot, he called out her name and age over and over again as she fucked him!

“Oh, Chantal…I can’t believe I’m fucking your 17 year old pussy! Oh my GOD!”

Couldn’t have planned that one any better if I’d scripted it! Haha.  And the LAST thing he wanted was my father after his ass…So, now when the news hits him…and it WILL…soon…He’ll have to just bite that bullet and take his lumps along side me!  Sure, we’d fight it out, but BOTH of us being wrong would leave us at a stalemate, no?

He’s still pissed, but I’ve maintained the upper hand on him.  I’ve started selling copies of THE TAPE.  And when you see him pound that young, splashy pussy and ass…Well, you understand why he’s decided…It’s CHEAPER TO KEEP ME! Hahah.  Want your copy? Call me and see if I’ll let you in on the good stuff! Cheaters can actually end up on top! Just look at me!

Don’t get caught ass out!


Can U Resist My Sister?