The Chat Room Was A CBT Room

I was bored the other night and I was wandering around various chat rooms looking for some conversation to pass the time. And I saw this one room was called CBT “cock and ball torture.” I laughed when I saw it since I wasn’t sure what it was about. So I went in and there were a few guys in there posting pics of cocks and balls being pretty brutally tortured. I was laughing thinking these guys are nuts to be into pain like this. But I started to talk to this one guy and he said he got enjoyment out of hurting himself and he’d been looking for a girl that would do it to him so he wouldn’t have to.

I Agreed To Meet  Him Because I Was Curious

Over the coming weeks we chatted a lot and he was only around twenty minutes away from me. And I agreed to meet this man to hurt his privates. I couldn’t believe I had a date to execute CBT. We met for coffee first and he didn’t seem dangerous. So I agreed to go with him to a hotel room in a high class hotel. I figured help would only be a scream away if he went nutso. Luckily he didn’t. He’d brought a duffel bag with him that was filled with all sorts of tools.

He had everything from Tobasco sauce to Q Tips to toothbrushes in there. And he asked if I’d use them on him. He promised he was right out of the shower and shaved, so I agreed. So he got hard really fast. But then when he told me to dribble some hot sauce down his penis. He yelped, but was still hard.  And he said he’d feel that for the next three days, and I believed him. He said he used it every so often for a real burn from within.  And he said he’d been into cock and ball torture for several years but most girls weren’t into it.

He Was Really Getting Off On Me Punishing His Cock,And So Was I!C.J. likes CBT

After I’d abused his cock for a while, twirled some Q Tips dipped in icy hot muscle gel into him.He was fucking thrilled! He would groan and moan and was clearly getting off on me punishing his cock. I found myself getting into it.It really made me feel powerful and in control.  And after some hot ,sometimes brutal play,  He said he was so grateful for my help and would be able to show his thanks by being allowed to lick my pussy? I wasn’t sure, but I always did love a good pussy licking. So I agreed and stripped down. He said he wouldn’t expect anything more in return than being allowed to lick me. And then I figured he had his fun with the cock and ball torture, now it was my turn.

I straddled his face and lowered my weight on him. He started moving that tongue all over my wet cunt lips. The whole time he was licking me, he had a clothespeg clamped onto the head of his cock. I was bucking back and forth as I felt his tongue slipping in and out of me and flickering across my clit. I was in heaven and soon gushed on his face. He was very good at licking pussy. I couldn’t believe I met a stranger for a CBT session that turned into him eating me out, what a bizarre evening. I’m not sure if we will ever meet again, but it was a memorable evening to be sure.

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