My voice is sweet but I love CBT.

Cbt combined with the art of blackmail is what I freaking love. Yes, they have their sweet significant others but they need me too. Who else can they tell all of their humiliating secrets to? Who else is going to push them into doing things that they deep down want to do? Want pathetic morons they are that need to be punished.

I always start them off but having them wraps their cock and balls with a belt. Just firmly to start with so that the pressure can build. It tightens the more we play for more intensity and the longer we play. These losers love to play for a very long time. Accompanied by nail grabbed balls and cock head slaps.

Some have limits and some know their so fucking pathetic they’ll take all of the pain.

I love when they have toy like dildos, anal plugs, clamps, gags and more to play with. But if a wimp wants to do a session and doesn’t have the right things to play with I’ll make him pay. We all keep things around the house and I make them get something to penetrate.

Some of my worthless air consumers need reminding of it daily and I make a special recording for them. They may run their homes but I make them bow down to realize what bitches they really are. Some need tasks and some just their weekly call just to keep them in the knowing of their place.

Recordings of how good they are at being little, weak bitches are set to them and lots of pictures of what they know they shouldn’t have on or be doing. I love to sit back and laugh at it. Are you ready to be put in your place?


One of my weaklings does very good at doing as told.

When his wife is gone we play in her panties and perfumes. Of course he starts his sessions naked and I know because I get all of the pics! I have different tasks for him to fulfill every time, not the same shit these other “wanna be” findoms or blackmail ladies do over and over.

Our last call involved a bath brush, belt, heels and pillows. He couldn’t touch his cock to cum this session. The only time he could was to  and he had to beg me this time to cum. Can you guess what wild things happened on that very long cbt and humiliation phonesex call?

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💋 Giana