Dana In PantiesMy Panties Kept Disappearing

The apartment building I live in has like most, a community laundry room. The first while after I moved in there was nothing funny going on. But after a couple of months I was sure a few pairs of my panties had gone missing. But I never saw anyone take them So I couldn’t prove it. I was sure the building had a panty thief. I had a few more pair go missing and I was determined to catch the guy doing this. So after I set my load of wash in, I left the room. But hid so I could see who came in the room when the wash was unattended.

 I Finally Busted Him!

It didn’t take long before I saw a young guy in his early twenties go in. He  looked around. And take a pair out of an unattended dryer. The owner of the panties would be surprised when she returned, no doubt, to find them missing. He stuffed them in his pocket and started to walk out the door. He was surprised to see me standing there waiting for him.  And acted as if he was just walking around, not stealing intimate garments that didn’t belong to him. I asked him how many of my panties he had in his apartment?  Of course he lied and said none. I told him I just saw what he did and I knew he had a pair of panties he just took in his pocket.  And I reached in and pulled them out and placed them right in front of his face.
He looked embarrassed and said he had a real thing for them and he liked to masturbate with them and he had quite a collection of them. I looked down and saw he was sporting quite an erection in his pants as I stood there with some poor woman’s stolen, half dry panties in my hands. He said he really liked my panties, they were his favorites, and he masturbated with them often.

 I Flashed Him My Sexy Satin  Red Thong Panty

As if saying that would impress me or something! He had no shame.
He was even so bold to ask me what panties I was wearing at the moment and could he see them? I said I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. He unzipped his jeans and his underwear were stretched tight over his bulging erection and I quickly pulled my skirt up and flashed him my red satin thongs I had on. He said he needed a better look , so I lifted my skirt again and he sank to his knees and wrapped his arms around my thighs and buried his face in my panty covered pussy and inhaled audibly. It was quite an odd event to be happening, but he was cute, so I just stood there.

 He  Loved To Smell My Pussy

I didn’t stop him when he pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them and he brought them to his face and smelled my pussy on the crotch panel. He then returned to my pussy and licked it as I stood there. I grabbed onto a nearby folding table for support and placed one leg over his shoulder and he went to town on my wet cunt, lapping at it and licking up all my juices and teasing my clit with his tongue until I was afraid my knees would collapse.
He was good at licking pussy and I soon had a strong orgasm and bit my lip from crying out, I was afraid enough at any moment someone might come walking in with their laundry, but that didn’t happen. He was great at licking pussy, and panty thief or not, he had a charm about him. I just said to leave my panties alone from now on if he could and he said he wouldn’t touch them anymore. I left my panties he had removed for him, pulled down my skirt and left.
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